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Mississippi Education Connection | School is out for summer, now what?

The academic school year is over and as chaotic and stressful as it may have been you made it! But now it’s summertime and keeping your kids active and engaged during this time isn’t going to be easy so today we’re going to take a look at a few summer camps and programs that are available around the state. We’ll start on the MS Gulf coast at the Walter Anderson Museum, then we’ll head to the MS Children’s Museum and end with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central MS.Tips of the Week: Encourage your child’s interestsThis may be a great time to expose young people to new learning opportunities. Try hands-on activities based on your child’s interests, such as growing plants from seeds, learning to bake or interviewing relatives to learn more about the family tree. If your child seems Velcro-ed to their devices, try incorporating technology into rewarding activities. Friends or family members could teach younger kids a new skill over Zoom. Older kids could use technology to work for a cause that benefits the community.Put them to work.The pandemic means families are dealing with low-grade stress that’s always in the background, oOne way to alleviate that stress is to set a flexible rhythm to the day. Giving kids some predictability by engaging them in household chores and things they can do to be helpful can provide a sense of stability.Enjoy downtime togetherThis summer will be a time for families to think differently about how we usually teach and learn. Play is kids work, especially for younger kids, so keep that in mind. Just because children aren't doing a worksheet doesn't mean they aren't learning. Families feel sort of 'stuck together" but it could be a really valuable season of life to restore relationships. Just because you get older doesn't mean you have to stop playing.Source: Georgia State University New Hub more information about the places we featured on this show, visit the links below: