Mississippi Arts Hour


The Mississippi Arts Hour | Dr. Redell Hearn

Melody Moody Thortis talks to Dr. Redell Hearn, Curator of Art and Civil Rights for the Mississippi Museum of Art and Tougaloo College, about Dr. Hearn’s work in the field of Museum studies and her experience incorporating the arts into telling the story of Civil Rights. Dr. Hearn is the Curator for “The Prize: Seven Decades of Lyrical Response to the Call for Civil Rights,” an immersive exhibition that highlights the use of lyrics and poetry and response to the call for Civil Rights. The Prize looks at the “call” represented in sketches of Tracy Sugarman during the summer of 1964 and the “response” represented in song lyrics ranging from “Eyes on the Prize” by Alice Wine to 2018’s “This is America” by Childish Gambino.