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Maternal Health & Wellness Part 2: Discussion with Antionette Grant & Helen O'Keefe

Season 1, Ep. 13

Antionette Grant and Helen O'Keefe are both nurses that are experts in the maternal health field. They noticed a lot of health disparities with women in labor and delivery and developed an organization "Fledgling Families" with other like minded professionals to offer support and education for new and expectant parents. We had an in depth conversation about many aspects of maternal health and wellness including: the importance of providing support for expectant parents, miscarriages, bereavement/loss related support, signs of postpartum depression and more. In part two of our conversation we get into the aspect of mental illness and how that is a significant stressor for expectant parents. We discuss the importance of a collaborative approach with regard to providing support for expectant mother's who have history of mental illness. We also offer tips on effective ways to communicate with your providers to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered.

For more information about the support and services available with Fledging Families, check them out here

Fledgling Families: Phone: 1-855-353-3454

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