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90. ER, Season 12, Episode 9 (2005)

Ep. 90

ER, Season 12, Episode 9 is titled 'I Do.'

Bend It Like Beckham's army boyfriend is back! And he spends the majority of the episode pressuring Beckham into marriage, even though Beckham says 'no' at least 100 times. He follows her around the hospital and wears her down until she finally agrees and they get married in the basement of the hospital once it has been decorated like a shit nightclub.

Clemente and Practical Magic stop bickering and make peace (sort of) in what is a very unclear storyline.

There is a lot of full on commentary about vaccines and immunisation when a mother brings her very sick child into the hospital but won't let him take medication, be x-rayed or be tested for any kind of virus. This pisses Johnny Legz off and he goes on a very unprofessional rant about how crap she is.

Liar Liar and Practical Magic continue to have sex. Practical Magic continues to do absolutely no work, spending the entire episode flirting with Liar Liar.

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