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Mirths and Monsters

Mirths and Monsters presents Dinosaurs part 3

Season 3, Ep. 1.75

Mirthers! Time for the final part of my and the furry crew's dinosaurs adventure! Ooh boy it gets awfully exciting.

Promo is from the fantastic page turners and button mashers podcast, you'll love it.

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Music-All star trio-Oh by jingo.

Thanks everyone, enjoy!

CK and the furry crew

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  • An explanation, a thank you and the next chapter

    Hallo ma friends.This is for those who don't know that A-Mirths and Monsters is no more and B-Why. I wanted to explain the situation but also wanted to give a thank you to you all and talk about what I'll be doing next.A heads up before you listen, this about Finn my wee man and him not being around any more.Thank you for everything and I hope you continue with me on my journey.Slantie, your good health,CK and the furry crew
  • 1. Mirths and Monsters presents-the ghost town of Bodie, California part 1

    Mirthers!It's been a spell but Mirths and Monsters is back, myself and the furry crew are very happy to share with you this first part of our experiences in Bodie, California. Former gold rush town, current ghost town, so many ghosts.This episode is a brief overview of the history and, of course, shenanigans being wrought by the furry crew.Hope y'all enjoy, CK Al things Mirths can be found by using the linktree,_CaliforniaMusic-All star trio-oh by jingo Shootout - Roy Edwin Williams Wild West Entrance - Radio Night
  • 10. Mirths and Monsters presents-A kidnapped Santa Claus by L Frank Baum

    Hello all, for this month of December I'll be releasing a Christmas related episode each Monday plus a little something extra on Christmas day.Today, I'm reading this story by L Frank Baum, a lovely wee tale that was really fun to read. Spoiler-it has a happy end so don't worry.As always for everything Mirths please use the link tree. I'm still running the BIG RAFFLE where you can win a plethora of prizes including merch, a build a bear, air pods for just a $5 entry. Half of all proceeds will be going to the cancer charity, Friends of Anchor. Thanks everyone,CK and the furry crew.Music-This Is What I Want for Christmas - Martin Landstrom
  • 10. Mirths and Monsters presents the Squonk part 2-going underground

    Hello Mirthers old and new, welcome to the concluding part of our Squonk adventure and let me tell you, this took even me by surprise.Join myself as I chat to Winifred Hemlock (the voice of whom has been disguised at their request) as we learn about the Squonks and their way of life.Please stay tuned all the way through to hear about a very exciting raffle that I'm doing and for all Mirths please clink the linktree.Thank you, CK and the furry crew F Smith-Cantina RagAll star trio-oh by jingo
  • 9. Mirths and Monsters presents the Squonk part 1

    Mirthers old and new! Join me and the furry crew as we learn about the saddest of all the cryptids, the Squonk. A cryptid so sad about itself that it can't stop crying.Let's investigate this fascinating creature and see if there is more to it than meets the weeping eye.Part 2 will be with you next week.Enjoy,CK and the furry crewFor all things Mirth please use the link for merch, the facebook group and for patreon if you would like to support us. sources,in%20the%20timber%20%26%20hunting%20industry. F Smith-Cantina ragAll star trio-oh by jingo
  • 7. Mirths and Monsters halloween presents the tell tale heart

    In this spooky-ish episode it was meant to be The black cat by Edgar Allen Poe but my own black cat, Rey, read it and was horrified! So, we compromised and went with the tell tale heart.Rey does chip in during the reading, it's the tell tale heart but you've never heard it like this.Happy halloween!CK and the furry crewAll things Mirth can be found on the linktree the Alleyway - Jon BjorkOh by jingo - All star trio
  • 7. Mirths and Monsters presents the Tooth Fairy part 2-a day in the life

    We conclude this journey into the history of the tooth fairy by joining Arthur Denture, a tooth fairy, for a day to see how things work.Enjoy!CK and the furry crewFor all things Mirths please click on the linktree by jingo-all star trioCaptain Fancy Fever - Wanda ShakesThe Melancholy Waltz - Howard Harper-Barnes
  • 6. Mirths and Monsters presents the Tooth Fairy part 1-the history

    Join me, CK, as we cover the history of the tooth fairy and oh boy it goes much further back than you may think. This episode is just the first part, part two will have us follow a day in the life of a tooth fairy, namely, Arthur Denture (not their real name)Thanks!CK and the furry crew.For all things Mirths, merch, all the socials and to nominate me for the Discover Podcast awards, please click on the linktree,with%20either%20cash%20or%20sweets. Rag-Jackson F BrownOh by jingo-All start trio
  • 5. Mirths and Monsters presents the cryptid tournament finalists.

    Mirthers! Time to interview the finalists of the inaugural cryptid tournament. The rounds have been voted on by you in the facebook group and we are left with just 2. The Kraken and The Loch Ness Monster.We hear from both in this special episode.Feel free to join the group so you can vote in the final, use the link tree for that and for all things Mirths.Slantie my friends!CK and the furry crew.