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  • 7. Episode 7: How to prepare the mind and body to overcome stress

    When I heard the word stress, I never thought that it can impact my body and emotions. Stress can also come from unsatisfied feelings, loneliness, work related or even traumatic experiences. How can we train our body and mind to face it? Get Slow Down Mini Course and my other offers here 

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  • 6. Episode 6: Breathing

    Breathing! Yes we are always breathing. We do it every single second. What if we start to notice our breath? What is the impact on our body? Let me know how do you feel about it!Check out my offers here
  • 5. Episode 5: Acceptance

    I have been thinking about the relationship between accepting myself and the way I move my body and breathe. The difference between me in the past and now. My mental state, the way I see things. I am growing a lot. The more I practice to move intuitively the more I can regulate my emotions. So between breath and movement, there is connection. And they help me to accept my limitations and acknowledge the limitations. So that I can move forward, both in my life and business journey. Expanding the boundaries. Click here to check my other creations
  • 4. Episode 4: Clarity

    This month is one year after I really learned about marketing in my business. Running a business is not easy. Showing expertise is not enough. So I am sharing my experience and feelings about having online business on social media, how it can affect my emotions and behavior. And how I overcome the struggles. Enjoy it ☺️Click here to check my other creations
  • 3. Episode 3: Listen

    The word listen came up during my yoga practice. And it kept banging in my head. I didn’t listen to myself for the past two years. I just mirrored others, what they're doing, without understanding the importance of listening. So what is actually listening? Hope you enjoy it 😉 Check out my creations here
  • Episode 2: Gut feeling

    When having expertise is not as easy as building a business. How can you grow and run your business with love?Grab the gift from usFree Autumn Wellness Bundle
  • Episode 1: Intro and Fear

    A little introduction about Mindful Exploration 🙂