Millennial Shelter

A show for the generation that un-remorsefully killed the cereal industry. Each episode, Yusong Liu examines a topic that affects the lives of Millennials, often joined by special guests.

Escaping Burnout: Fiction & Fast Food (with Eliza Clark, Nick Wiger)

Season 1, Ep. 3
Stopping to smell the roses doesn't get you passive income--so why do it? For our third episode, I wanted to examine our relationship with work. Why are we always thinking about it, and why are we so prone to feeling burnt out? Joining us for this topic is author Eliza Clark, who reveals whether or not her enjoyment of writing changed once it became a job rather than a hobby. Then, Nick Wiger discusses his relationship with fast food, as his hit podcast Doughboys has reviewed over 300 chain restaurants at this point. Lastly, I take a deep dive into modern work culture, and whether or not a dream job actually exists. Act One (1:20) || Act Two (24:48) || Act 3 (53:29)Our art was done by Jaya Nicely ( and our intro music was mixed by Wade Ryan (Gold Sedan on Spotify). Sources used for this episode include: