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Episode 031 - For the Love of Comics w/ Comic Book Legend, Jim Shooter

Ep. 31

In this episode I talk with one of the greatest legends and icons of the American comic book industry, Jim Shooter. Jim and I talk about his over 50 year career in comics, his time as Editor In Chief at Marvel Comics, Valiant Comics, Defiant Comics, and so much more. A deep dive into comic book history, with many things never discussed before this recording.

This episode has the distinction of being our longest episode yet, clocking in at almost 4 hours, and every minute is densely packed with rich comic book history. Jim is a man that has been at the epicenter of so many developments in comic book culture, and is considered one of the greatest comic book personalities of all time. Listen in!

Jim Shooter  is an American writer, editor and publisher for various comic books. He started professionally in the medium at the age of 14 at what is now DC Comics , and he is most notable for his legendary 1978 – 1987 run as Marvel Comics' ninth editor-in-chief, and his work as editor in chief of Valiant Comics. He was also both the creator and EIC of Defiant Comics, and Broadway Comics.

During his tenure at Marvel, the company enjoyed some of its best successes. He believed that every title, no matter how unpopular it was, deserved a chance to succeed. He abandoned the long-time Marvel Comics policy that allocated the best writers to the best-selling titles. This allowed some of the second-string titles, such as The Uncanny X-Men and Daredevil, to reach then-unprecedented heights of popularity.

Also, he worked to secure creators rights, return artwork to their creators, and other industry innovations

After leaving Marvel, he fronted an effort to purchase the publisher from its corporate ownership, losing out at the last minute to a slightly higher bid. He then founded a new company, Voyager Communications, which published comics under the Valiant Comics banner,

Valiant entered the superhero market with a relaunch of the Gold Key Comics character Magnus, Robot Fighter. Shooter brought many of Marvel's creators to Valiant, including people like Steve Ditko and Barry Windsor-Smith, as well as industry veterans such as Art Nichols, John Dixon, and Don Perlin.

Jim founded Defiant Comics in 1993, Broad way comics in 1995,with many other positions, gigs, and comics written between then and today.

Currently Jim is the EIC of illustrated media, a custom comic book company.

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