Midnight Last Call: Everything for the Greater Good

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  • 19. Chapter 19: Epilogue

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the greater goodChapter 19: EpilogueIn the final chapter, the truth about Uncle Waltz's death strengthens people's belief in him, and he is posthumously recognized as a saint. The celebration of the 5th year of the Happiness Law becomes a celebration of his legacy. The protagonist spends the day with Isobel and their children, cherishing every moment. They decide to write down the whole story in a journal and bury it in their garden to preserve the truth for future generations.The chapter ends with the protagonist reflecting on the enduring presence of the Happiness Law for the past eight centuries. Scipion, an archaeologist, discovers the ancient journal and realizes the profound impact of the Happiness Law throughout history. He contemplates the message of the book and decides to keep the secret buried, embracing the importance of cherishing every moment in his own life.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind

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  • 18. Chapter 18 : Last Hours

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the greater goodChapter 18: Last HoursIn this chapter, the family decides to celebrate and have a family dinner at Isobel's mother's country house. Dr. Wantz, now referred to as Uncle Waltz, experiences the joy of being with a family, playing with the children, and feeling the warmth of their love. The protagonist hopes that this evening with his newfound family will change Uncle Waltz's mind about sacrificing himself for the Greater Good.The dinner is filled with happiness and a celebration of life, and Uncle Waltz becomes emotional, expressing his gratitude for the incredible moments they have shared. The protagonist offers Uncle Waltz to stay with their family as Uncle Waltz, keeping his secret safe. Uncle Waltz agrees, and they enjoy a serene moment on the porch, appreciating the beauty of the night.Uncle Waltz reveals his plan to dive into the lake at midnight as a symbolic rebirth, and the protagonist prepares to have a cup of tea with him. However, at midnight, the protagonist discovers that Uncle Waltz has drowned in the lake, apparently selected by a Freer without his knowledge. Isobel, who believes in the Happiness Law, admires Uncle Waltz for his righteousness and sees his death as proof of his honesty.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind
  • 17. Chapter 17 : Storm under the skull.

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the greater goodChapter 17: Storm under the SkullIn this chapter, the protagonist reflects on their previous investigations and their realization about the truth behind the Hidden K. They feel a mix of emotions, including bitterness, admiration, and sympathy towards Dr. Wantz, who sacrificed so much for the Greater Good. The protagonist realizes their own shortcomings in judging others too quickly and now carries the burden of knowledge about the Midnight Last Call.They have a heartfelt conversation with Dr. Wantz, expressing their concern for him and urging him not to take his own life. However, their conversation is interrupted by Isobel's arrival, and they invite Dr. Wantz to have dinner with them.The chapter ends with a touching moment as Isobel thanks Dr. Wantz for saving their lives and invites him to be a part of their family.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind
  • 16. Chapter 16 : The secret

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the Greater GoodChapter 16 : The secretA hidden truth, guarded with utmost precision, on the brink of revelation.Intriguing secrecy surrounds the enigmatic figure for years, defying all investigations.A genius scientist's unsolvable puzzle, poised to challenge conventional wisdom.The burdened soul, torn between ethics and a haunting mission, selects an unexpected confidant.A shocking revelation unfolds: a devilish plan to maintain an illusion of mortality.A social fantasy inflated by the masses, concealing the truth no one dares to question.Hated theories shattered, replaced by an unimaginable reality.The weight of responsibility transferred, as a pivotal decision awaits.Hope blinds the truth-seekers, as they celebrate an orchestrated lie.A quest for happiness leads to unforeseen consequences, leaving us with an impossible choice.The midnight last call looms, as the architect of the grand illusion finds solace.An extraordinary podcast unraveling the intricate web of secrets and moral dilemmas.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind
  • 15. Chapter 15: The Oath

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the Greater GoodChapter 15: The OathDelve into the depths of secrecy and its corrosive effects as Dr. Wantz reveals the true nature of the Happiness Law. Witness his theatrical skills and disguises, essential for evading those who seek to exploit the law for their gain. Feel the weight of the burden he carries and the potential danger it poses to his loved ones.Explore the clash between ethics and the pursuit of the Greater Good as Dr. Wantz's scientific mind battles with his compassionate heart. Experience the pivotal moment when he takes an oath, binding both listener and storyteller in a solemn pact.Prepare to be entrusted with the full story, a confession that holds the power to alleviate their shared burdens. Discover the poignant revelation that the secret has a time limit, leading Dr. Wantz to contemplate his role and the toll it takes on him.Grapple with the moral dilemma of sacrificing one person's struggle for the collective happiness of society. Unveil the intricate design of the implementation team, the hidden operations, and the existence of a fund. Brace yourself for the heart-wrenching revelation that lies on the horizon as tears stain the truth he is about to reveal.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind
  • 14. Chapter 14 - Cascade Theory

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the Greater GoodChapter 14 - Cascade TheoryDiscover the extraordinary journey of Dr. Wantz as the Happiness Law spreads worldwide. Witness the overwhelming response as people pour money into the fund, surpassing government contributions. Experience the unexpected benefits and profound impact on population happiness and health. Dive into the ethical dilemma of diplomatic immunity, where the implementation team is shielded from prosecutionExplore the ripple effect as countries clamor to adopt the method, and the surprising trend of immigration to those implementing the law. Follow Dr. Wantz's tireless dedication and the burden of responsibility he carries alone. Unveil the hidden complexities of power, loneliness, and the constant struggle of living with a profound curse.Brace yourself for a thought-provoking exploration of global transformation and its personal toll.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind
  • 13. Chapter 13: Implementation

    Midnight Last Call: Everything for the Greater GoodChapter 13: ImplementationDiscover a shocking method that randomly selects individuals each day, forcing them into an unimaginable role: either the Freer or Executioner. Will they accept or refuse? Find out how a simple yellow button holds the power of life and death.Uncover the truth behind the enigmatic execution process that shields the agency and government responsible. Dive into the mind of Dr. Wantz, torn between his duty and the weight of his conscience. Explore the profound impact of the Happiness Law, where lives are sacrificed for the greater good.Delve into a rollercoaster of emotions as secrets are revealed and a burden too heavy to bear. Brace yourself for the unexpected twists and turns as the Martyr emerges, leaving you questioning the price of happiness.All my books are available in digital or paper version: #CaptivatingStory #MindBendingNarrative #AddictivePodcast #TopPodcastSeries #GrippingTale #IntriguingPlot #EmotionalJourney #ThoughtProvokingContent #CompellingStorytelling #UnveilingTheTruth #EthicalDilemma #GlobalImpact #HumanityInCrisis #PowerfulMessage #ConversationsThatMatter #WorldChangingIdeas #ExploreTheUnknown #DeepDiveIntoTheHumanMind