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Trust Your Knowing: How Women Rise From Doubt to Leading Themselves Forward with Suzi Banks Baum

Ep. 35

"I crave a sense of spaciousness in my days." "I miss getting to create for the joy and nourishment of it." "How do I know what the right choice is here?" These are the kinds of questions that women who have been taught that taking care yourself is frivolous, brush up against. What if it's all too easy to push off what you need for tomorrow? And the next day. And the next.

When you find yourself in that pattern, and you're feeling unsettled, dare to pause. Ask yourself: what is my body communicating to me in this moment? 

Here’s the truth you may have been taught to ignore: your body is trying to communicate with you, and it is possible to use that as a professional strategy. Once you learn how to listen to your body, it can guide you toward some of your biggest wins. Conversely, when your body is urging you not to do something, you may feel a headache coming on, tightness in your shoulders and neck, or just feel completely exhausted by even just an idea on paper. 

If you find yourself wanting more space for yourself throughout your day, or the room to be creative, or if you’re feeling worried about what the next right step for you is, then this episode is for you. 

This week’s guest is Suzi Banks Baum: a master at interpreting the language of the body. Suzi is a writer and book artist with an admirable devotion to her daily creative practice. Throughout the conversation, Suzi shares how her creative practices help her stay solid even when everything feels chaotic around her, how she learned to cultivate these practices, and how listening to her body’s information has guided her over the years, and even more specifically during all the professional changes she's had to make during this pandemic.

Tune in to learn how to implement the deeply nourishing framework that will guide you from doubt back to your Knowing. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • How do you go about making mindful pivots in business? (14:08)
  • What do you feel in your body when something’s not quite right? (18:12)
  • What thoughts bubbled up for you when you're tempted to ignore what you know to be true? (23:46)
  • What’s the connection between creative practice and tapping into your Knowing? (30:18)
  • How can someone start cultivating a simple creative practice? (37:43)
  • How did you know when it was time to make a big change for your signature program - Backyard Art Camp? (49:02)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How Suzi stays solid amidst the chaos of life’s changes. (8:32)
  • How you know when it’s time to modify the way you do business. (14:46)
  • What is body-knowing? (18:55)
  • How creative practices help you gain a greater understanding of your interior orientation. (30:32)
  • How ritual can help you begin cultivating a creative practice. (38:21)
  • How making time for herself helped Suzi take back her freedom and agency. (57:33)

People We Mention: 

Nancy Levin

Rowen White

Janet Elsbach

Judy Chicago

Resources I Mention: 

Episode 32: Curing the Knee-Jerk “Yes” with Nancy Levin

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

Camp in a Care Package

Connect with Suzi Banks Baum: 



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Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought the following:I really don’t have time, but I don’t want to upset anyone. I’ll just do it.My culture doesn’t “get” boundaries, so I have to be available when family comes knocking.I’m a born workaholic. There’s never time for self-care. How would I even fit that in to my day?While our needs to work people please can tie our emotions up in knots, the truth is that each one of those thoughts is actually an invitation.A nudge from your internal compass that’s trying to point you in the direction of setting a boundary.Boundaries aren’t walls you’re setting up to keep other people from crossing over. They’re bridges you’re building within to create more ease for yourself.Boundaries may be the source of all conflict, but they’re also the foundation of all well-being.Today, Karlee welcomes bonafide “Boundary Queen” Sarri Gilman to the show. Sarri has spent 30 years working as a Psychotherapist who specializes in helping folks set the boundaries they need to implement at the family level. Her decades-long research in this specific area has shown her the full boundary-making process that people experience as they start to become their own boundary experts.In this episode, you’ll hear about the process of boundary-making, and how long on average it takes to actually implement a boundary for most people. She shares a personal boundary story of her own about letting go and moving forward when solace was calling her somewhere new. Finally, she’ll explain the fundamental link between self-trust and good decision-making that’ll help you make confidence-backed choices with greater ease.If you’re ready to honor your inner compass and gift yourself the boundaries being called for in your life, then this episode is for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Why boundaries need encouragement (13:10)Restoring the trust in your own compass (17:32)A powerful boundary breakthrough moment (21:35)How to think about resilience in times of trauma (36:06)Cultivating a pattern of self-care (40:58)Creating boundary clarity with family members (43:55)Emotionally prepping for a boundary fallout (50:38)How long it takes to become a boundary expert (57:57)People Mentioned in this Episode:Dr. Tom StedingCatherine Panter-BrickNancy LevinConnect with Sarri Gilman:Sarrigillman.comGet 20% off Now: Transform Your Boundaries Six Course BundleCode: FRIENDSOFSARRIResources Mentioned in this Episode:RSVP FOR THE FREE BOUNDARY PANEL: September 20th, 7pm ESTBook: Transform Your Boundaries by Sarri GilmanBook: The Mystery of Knowing Journal: A writing odyssey to be true to who you are by Sarri Gilman and Tasha RockowitzBook: Naming and Taming Overwhelm: For Healthcare and Human Service Providers by Sarri GilmanTEDx Talk: Good boundaries free you | Sarri GilmanSend your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.