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Hearing The Answers Within You: How Lakshmi Voelker Re-invented Her Business And Our World

Ep. 24

So there you are, sitting at your dining room table, wanting to have the perfect business or life plan before you take the next step.

Heads up: You don’t need to have it all figured out to just get started

In this episode, Karlee chats with Lakshmi Voelker: master yoga teacher and business owner for well over 40 years now. She has dedicated her life to empowering other people. Back in 1982, Lakshmi invented chair yoga – a modality now practiced worldwide within government facilities, medical institutions, refugee camps, and veteran centers. This all started with a single one of Lakshmi’s clients – and she’s going to share that story with you in this episode. 

For anyone looking to get something started but perfectionism keeps getting the best of you, permission granted to get started, wherever you and your business might be at. Lakshmi is the perfect reminder that there is power and magic that happens when we take our ideas to the streets and connect with others about it. Remember: no matter how you start out in the beginning, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and your business. 

Throughout our conversation, Lakshmi illustrates how she discovered chair yoga to help a specific client, why she decided to reinvent herself in her 70s, and how she’s intentionally growing and improving herself and her business every day. 

If you find yourself just wondering what reinvention or shift could look like for you, this episode will act as a dose of inspiration for you. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • How did you come up with the idea of chair yoga? (8:34)
  • What happened when you shared this new form of yoga with your students for the first time? (17:41)
  • What challenges came up when you were just staring a new business? (26:06)
  • Do you experience synchronicities that help you business often? (31:52)
  • What have you learned that you wish you’d known 30 years ago? (36:15)
  • How are you continuing to grow today? (40:20)
  • Where do you go for a dose of inspiration? (49:30)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How Lakshmi practiced listening to her self-sourced voice. (16:19)
  • How chair yoga was received when Lakshmi took it to the streets. (27:17)
  • What inspired Lakshmi to reinvent herself at 70 years old and start an online coaching practice. (29:56)
  • The shadow side of being a leader from a young age. (34:20)
  • How Lakshmi softens her edges and focuses on kindness. (37:55)
  • How Lakshmi works through imposter syndrome. (43:57)

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: 

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Magic Wand Mentoring with Lakshmi Voelker

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Kicking off a new year by casting a wider net is common for a lot of folks… but that’s not what we do here.Here, we take our cues from nature. And in the natural world, winter is a time for going deeper.It’s a time for making sure our bodies are nourished, our bellies are full, and our baskets are filled with everything we’ll need for the journey of the year to come.When we start this new cycle by gathering the resources that’ll see us through, then we’re far less likely to feel depleted down the road.Getting resourced helps us to know the difference between enough work and over-working.Getting resourced equips us with the self-awareness required to lead without harm to ourselves or to others.In this episode, Karlee shares why getting resourced now is the key to your physical, mental, and emotional longevity all year long. She reveals the four C-19 L’s that high-achieving women have been struggling with since the early days of the pandemic, and what these four indicators are telling you about the resources you should be building up now.You’ll learn about a specific type of leader that really shouldn’t be trusted, and why our cultural glorification of these types of leaders only directs us more towards toxic productivity. Karlee also shares five free or low-cost, high-ROI ways you can obtain more resources right now that’ll help you fill your basket to the brim.If you’re ready to be deeply supported and stop doing all the heavy lifting in order to make what you want to experience next happen, then this is the episode for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:What bodily neglect is telling you about your work (2:19)The 4 L’s that Covid has introduced to our lives and how to shake them (11:20)One myth that needs debunking right now (18:11)Pinpointing the resources you might be lacking (21:26)Creative ways to add more free time to your days (27:38)People Mentioned in this Episode:Kate NorthrupAdam GrantResources Mentioned in this Episode:Episode 113: Building a Stronger BasketEpisode 114: Putting the Self in SuccessEpisode 41: Is Your Work Mojo Down?Grant, A. (2021, April 19). There's a Name for the Blah You're Feeling: It's Called Languishing. Retrieved from Character Strengths AssessmentConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedIn

Putting the Self in Success: How to shape your goals around what gives you joy and meaning

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How do you define success? Is it about pleasing your boss, your staff, or your clients? Is it about the numbers reflected in your bank account? Does success mean being available, even though it often wears you out?Now, how many of those reference points for success are really about you, and how many are about other people’s perceptions of you?Real, meaningful success depends on your reference point. Our goals have to be shaped around what we value in and for ourselves, rather than what others value in and about us.If you’re calibrating your goals based on the preferences, priorities, and needs of others over what you know to be true for you, then YOU aren’t the reference point.And that’s gotta change.In this episode, Karlee talks about the difference between self-referencing a goal versus other-referencing a goal. She shares real-life examples of meaningful self-reference success points and walks you through a straightforward process that will help you identify a personal formula for success that’s based on what you value.If you’re ready to lead with clarity, confidence, and a better understanding of exactly what your next steps are, then this episode is for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:What gets obscured in the fog of success (9:39)The difference between goals that are self-referenced and other referenced (12:57)An example of to-the-point self referencing (15:10)The 3 W’s that’ll help you identify what gives you life (18:37)How to incorporate more of what you value into your life (25:29)People Mentioned in this Episode:Jen Delos ReyesNancy LevinResources Mentioned in this Episode:Episode 113: Building a Stronger Basket: How to plug up the leaks of what’s draining you and preserve more energy for the things you value.Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.

Building a Stronger Basket: How to plug up the leaks of what’s draining you and preserve more energy for the things you value.

A friend calls desperate for a coffee date. It’s your day off and it’s been a long week. And, these coffee dates with this particular friend always leave you feeling drained.But, you don't want to hurt their feelings. So you grab your coat and keys and reluctantly head out the door.You’ve had this business idea floating around in your head for a while now. But every time you get a burst of energy and feel ready to put more time into developing this concept, something always gets in the way.Your current job. A social media side-track. You feel like maybe you should clean the house or do laundry instead.So that idea stays floating in the ether.There’s a foundation that we’re built upon…it’s something we all want and need to preserve. But life and people and work and other distractions always seem to compromise the sturdiness we seek.That, my friends, is leaky basket syndrome.And if you’re a woman in this world, you’ve been conditioned to carry around a basket that’s prone to leaking.If you've ever struggled with follow through, or you feel like you’re stuck in relationships that aren’t feeding you very well anymore but you’re afraid to let them go, then know this:You are not a screw up.Your basket is the foundation that every plan and decision you’re going to make this year needs to depend upon if it’s going to survive.So, we've got to plug those leaks. We've got to plan and get resourced if we want our plans to stand a fighting chance.In this episode, Karlee describes some of the most common culprits of leaky basket syndrome, and why historically, those of us who identify as women have been uniquely susceptible to condoning punctures within our foundations. She’ll pinpoint the emotional cues that are letting you know when something is draining your resources and keeping you from living into the plans you make. You’ll learn a simple 4-step system for tending to your basket and learn a practical, pragmatic way to mend those leaks for good.Boundaries take practice, but remember… YOU are the curator of the gallery of your life.If you’re ready to accept this invitation to build a sturdier basket, then this episode is for you.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Why January is a terrible time to get new goals (1:10)What tending to your basket looks like: a 4-step system (3:63)Identifying leaky basket syndrom (12:45)The one permission you can grant yourself that’ll mend up a few leaks (17:00)Some of the most common leaks that might need mending (18:22)How to shake off the need to people-please in our DNA (22:43)A quick, doable exercise for mending those leaks (25:17)Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folx at Ginni Media.