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Got Information Overload? How to get clear and sturdy so you can keep rising right now

Ep. 33

The message to "go big or go home" is rampant, outdated and unnecessary in our modern economy. It's the professionals that go deep, and intentional, rather than fancy and complicated, that are reaping the benefits of lasting professional growth in our new economy.

If you’re constantly feeling the pressure to move from one thing to the next, to the next, always doing the most - and that isn't working for you - it's because you are ready to learn a better way.

In our modern culture, women are not given room to digest what is happening in real-time and this is by design - a busy woman can't be nearly as powerful as an intentional woman is.

The truth is, growth is not about being “on” all the time. Just like the rest of nature, human women go through phases, too.

In this episode, Karlee throws it back to Episode 3 to go deeper into the 4 seasons of growth. You'll learn how to leverage your unique phases, helping you spot where you’re at right now and know which doable steps will take you to the next level so that you can clear busy work off your plate today.

Here’s your invitation: Even if you’ve heard Karlee talk about the 4 seasons before before, listen in - now is not a time for more information - it's a time for transformation and that happens when we go deeper into what works rather than trying 20 new things. Something from this episode will resonate with you, and you may find that you’re in a totally different phase of growth now. 

Tune in learn to leverage your time and skills to bring you satisfying results that spark your best work and sense of self.

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • Why Karlee implements a monthly “culmination week” into her practice. (0:48)
  • Debunking the “no pain, no gain” myth. (7:12)
  • Why self doubt shows up, and what to do about it. (16:24)
  • What to do when you find yourself at a loss for what your next steps should be. (19:04)
  • How to protect your new good ideas so they can take root. (21:47)
  • The key to follow through: how to sustain yourself when you begin working on your project or idea. (24:51)

People I Mention: 

Drew Rozell

Maria Sirois

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: 

The FREE Master Sheet To Guide you Through The 4 Phases of Growth Can Be Found Below Episode 33 at

Do Less by Kate Northrup

Navigating a Graceful Transition: Your New Best Life with Karlee Fain and Maria Sirois (Free Online Workshop)

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Speaking From Our Scars: Authentic Leadership with Guest Host Ginni Saraswati of The Ginni Show

Ep. 38
People count on you, you are the stable shoulder for lots of folks on the job and off, so what happens when you are going through radical change? How do you continue to be a leader when your heart is heavy and your mind is somewhere else?If this is happening in your life, know this: there’s so much wisdom in the challenging experiences that we go through, even when the growing pains from rapid change are quite uncomfortable.In this episode, Karlee changes it up a bit: she goes behind the microphone and is interviewed by award-winning journalist Ginni Saraswati. Together, they discuss how when things feel like they’re falling apart, the best course of action to take is actually to slow down and allow for space to bring things back together. Ginni asks some of the most insightful, creative, and wildly specific questions about living on a tour bus, how she managed to get any work done after the sudden passing of her former fiancé, and how she begins her day with what she truly values.Tune in to learn how you can create space for yourself to thrive, heal, and grow without compromising your career, health or relationships.Some Questions Ginni Asks:What’s the number one blockage that overachieving women face in terms of getting stuff done? (15:34)Do you find that women’s habits of self-sacrificing is a pattern spurred by intergenerational trauma? (18:40)How do you get clear on what you value? (21:52)What’s your morning routine? (26:01)What kept you going while experiencing such deep grief? (34:43)What’s lighting you up at the moment? (44:24)In This Episode, You Will Learn:The 3 stages of running a business: hustling, sustaining, and handing off. (14:08)What is popular isolation & how to remedy it. (15:48)How intergenerational trauma affects women today. (18:52)Why starting the day with what you value will help energize you and create space for a thriving life. (24:04)How Karlee navigated her career, life, and relationships after the sudden death of her former fiancé. (29:49)What the life of a live-in coach on a tour bus looks like. (36:39)People We Mention:Georgia Wall: The CeremonialistShakti DurgaDr. Valerie ReinResources Mentioned:The Ginni ShowEmpowering Relationships by Shakti DurgaPatriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie ReinGood Dog! Service CaninesConnect with Ginni Saraswati Website: GinniMedia.comInstagram: @theginnishow

Is Your Confidence Shaken? How to Leverage Your Signature Super Powers To Do That Thing You Really Want To Do

Ep. 37
You're good at looking like you have it all together. So why, over the last few months, has your confidence gotten a little shaky?In this episode, Karlee addresses this phenomenon that women are experiencing around the world: feeling like your world’s been rocked lately, feeling tender or like you’re missing that oomph of confidence to push you forward. Hear why many driven women are feeling like their foundation is less sturdy, what area of your life you may require a little more nourishment right now, and how to discover lasting self-efficacy.Here’s your invitation: it’s time to dust off your signature strengths and put them to work for you. (Get the Signature Strengths Master-sheet Karlee Mentions In This Episode for FREE below Episode 37 HERE.)Tune in to elevate your sense of capacity, clarity and confidence so that you can move forward with a realistic look at how truly capable you are.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What makes you feel steady, clear and confident. (6:42)Why your confidence might be shaken right now. (10:05)Proven methods that lead to lasting confidence. (17:20)How to identify your signature strengths. (20:17)How to apply your signature strengths to an area in your life you’d like to grow in. (31:05)People Mentioned In This Episode:Dr. Robert Leahy, from the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy Weill-Cornell UniversityMartin E. P. SeligmanResources Mentioned In This Episode:Get the Signature Strengths Master-sheet Karlee Mentions In This Episode for FREE below Episode 37 HERE.Episode 1: One Word That Will Elevate Everything You DoAuthentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment by Martin E. P. Seligman4 Ways to Improve and Increase Self-Efficacy by Madhuleena Roy ChowdhuryThe National Academies of Science, Engineering Medicine: Learning, Remembering, Believing: Enhancing Human Performance

Reopening Gently: A Simple Practice to Process What Just Happened and Move Forward with Wisdom and Grace

Ep. 36
After 4 months of laying low, parts of the world are starting to open back up. While it seems like everyone around you is prepared to go back to normal, you might be feeling called to go inward. Maybe you’re starting to realize that during this time, you were showing up for everybody else, doing all the things, and only now are you feeling the call to re-energize and reground yourself.This is your opportunity to process what just happened - and what is still unknown - and get clarity about the unique ways you will move forward.In this episode, Karlee shares all about her culmination practice, which is a step-by-step professional process to observe the past and spark positive change for your future. This is a time investment in your life and business, enabling you to thoughtfully notice what’s working, what’s nourishing you, and how you can prepare for the next cycle of growth. (Get the Culmination Mastersheet Karlee Mentions In This Episode for Free Below "Episode 36" Here)Tune in to get clear about what you’ve just experienced and move forward with confidence.In This Episode You Will Learn:Why you might be feeling the pull to re-energize now, just as the world is opening back up. (1:03)How to listen to your inner wisdom and truth, even when society tells you differently. (6:22)What is culmination? (10:59)What Karlee’s culmination process looks like in her own business. (12:19)How to start your own culmination practice. (14:58)Examples of how other driven women utilize this culmination practice. (20:13)How to move forward from your culmination session. (22:33)People I Mention:Suzi Banks BaumDr. Maria SiroisResources:Get the Culmination Mastersheet Karlee Mentions In This Episode for Free Below "Episode 36" HereEpisode 3: 4 Phases of Growth and Sustaining SuccessEpisode 35: Trust Your KnowingNavigating a Graceful Transition: Your New Best Life with Karlee Fain and Maria Sirois (Free Online Workshop)