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Building the Habit of Courage: How to stop enduring what drains you

Ep. 15

How long have you had a hunch that it's time to make a change, but you have been too overwhelmed to even know that change would look like?

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day repetitiveness of life without noticing how it’s draining you—and it can feel overwhelming to know how to start making a change.

The good news: the catalyst for big change can come in a super small step that leads to a burst of inspiration and motivation. This type of a-ha moment creates a permanent shift, bringing you closer to your own wisdom and truth. This catalyst for change could be absolutely anything—even a jar of spaghetti sauce. 

In this special episode, Karlee provides the unique opportunity of getting a taste of what her coaching sessions are like. Before working with Karlee, Dana Lemay had the kind of life that looked great on paper—but secretly killing her in reality. Even with a great job and great compensation, she went home each day exhausted, drained, and unhappy. After experiencing a small catalyst that inspired change, she felt empowered to leave negativity in her past and open herself up to a new and improved, nourished life. 

You will be witness to when Dana experiences her own “a-ha” moment live on this episode, where she realizes what tiny step actually upgraded her career and life. Now, she understands what it takes to develop a habit of courage so that she feels capable of making decisions to hold herself and her wellbeing in the highest regard. 

Tune in to gain insight into how to establish boundaries with yourself and create a life that nourishes you every single day. 

Some Questions Karlee Asks: 

  • What made you reach out to me for coaching? (9:07)
  • What finally helped you make the switch from a draining career to a nourishing one? (17:31)
  • How is the need to practice boundaries showing up in your world? (24:30)
  • What can you do differently to create space to set appropriate boundaries? (32:48)
  • What fills your internal validation cup now? (37:22)
  • What do you now know to be true that you didn’t know then? (45:34)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How Dana learned to trust her intuition. (11:04)
  • What happens when you don’t listen to your gut instincts. (13:53)
  • Why taking small steps makes a loud and lasting impact. (22:06)
  • How Dana sets boundaries with herself. (24:37)
  • Dana’s experience as a recovering people pleaser. (34:07)
  • How Dana builds up her courage. (39:27)

Resources Mentioned: 

Episode 11: Is it the right time to change careers? 

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