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Building the Habit of Courage: How to stop enduring what drains you with Dana Lemay

Ep. 15

How long have you had a hunch that it's time to make a change, but you have been too overwhelmed to even know that change would look like?

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day repetitiveness of life without noticing how it’s draining you—and it can feel overwhelming to know how to start making a change.

The good news: the catalyst for big change can come in a super small step that leads to a burst of inspiration and motivation. This type of a-ha moment creates a permanent shift, bringing you closer to your own wisdom and truth. This catalyst for change could be absolutely anything—even a jar of spaghetti sauce. 

In this special episode, Karlee provides the unique opportunity of getting a taste of what her coaching sessions are like. Before working with Karlee, Dana Lemay had the kind of life that looked great on paper—but secretly killing her in reality. Even with a great job and great compensation, she went home each day exhausted, drained, and unhappy. After experiencing a small catalyst that inspired change, she felt empowered to leave negativity in her past and open herself up to a new and improved, nourished life. 

You will be witness to when Dana experiences her own “a-ha” moment live on this episode, where she realizes what tiny step actually upgraded her career and life. Now, she understands what it takes to develop a habit of courage so that she feels capable of making decisions to hold herself and her wellbeing in the highest regard. 

Tune in to gain insight into how to establish boundaries with yourself and create a life that nourishes you every single day. 

Some Questions Karlee Asks: 

  • What made you reach out to me for coaching? (9:07)
  • What finally helped you make the switch from a draining career to a nourishing one? (17:31)
  • How is the need to practice boundaries showing up in your world? (24:30)
  • What can you do differently to create space to set appropriate boundaries? (32:48)
  • What fills your internal validation cup now? (37:22)
  • What do you now know to be true that you didn’t know then? (45:34)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How Dana learned to trust her intuition. (11:04)
  • What happens when you don’t listen to your gut instincts. (13:53)
  • Why taking small steps makes a loud and lasting impact. (22:06)
  • How Dana sets boundaries with herself. (24:37)
  • Dana’s experience as a recovering people pleaser. (34:07)
  • How Dana builds up her courage. (39:27)

Resources Mentioned: 

Episode 11: Is it the right time to change careers? 

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Losing Yourself in Busyness? Sustainability stories that’ll inspire you to reconnect with your most valuable asset

Ep. 82
She’s busy all the time. She’s juggling way too much but somehow still seems to get everything done, even if she’s looking a little disheveled at the end of the day. She’s got all the rest of us wondering…. how??Know anyone like that? Or does “she” sound a lot like you?We’ve all been through times of hustle and sacrifice. For high-achieving women, it's just part of our nature to give our professional pursuits every ounce of energy we can muster.But sometimes, we get so used to the hustle that it becomes a way of life.And that leads to burnout.Trying to sustain the constant “doing” eventually catches up with us.We know what we’re doing isn’t sustainable. But we haven’t built the support networks that’ll help pull us out of the cycle.We didn’t really know we were supposed to.Building an intimate network of strong women is such a fundamental part of sustainable success. Whether our allies are helping us up the ladder or telling us we need to take a break, the support of other women is the secret weapon of success in a world that’s been historically off limits to us.In this culmination episode, Karlee brings together the most powerful lessons we’ve learned this month about sustaining ourselves as high-achieving women. She revisits why open networking is the career advice that women haven’t been getting, and she shares how you can magnify your access to these important support resources.When you make a conscious choice to surround yourself with the right people, opening your circle to people from different industries, ages groups, gender identities, orientations, walks of life, world experience, and professional expertise, you’re building a diverse network of strong women who you’ll be able to count on when you need it most. You’ll also have the even richer experience of lending your support to a woman who needs it.Sustainability is born when we take off the solo hero cape and take hold of the hands that surround us.When we learn alongside community, it takes the pressure off of ourselves. You’ve worked hard, but you shouldn’t work harder than you need to. It’s time to arm yourself with the support of allies.If you’re ready to start paying yourself the same level of respect that you give others and create a path to lasting sustainability, then this episode is for you!What You’ll Learn in This Episode:What women are missing out on along their professional paths (7:57)3 questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s time to upgrade your resources (12:03)The support system you might be missing out on (15:44)Why the issues you’re experiencing could be symptoms of isolation (17:56)4 signs it’s time to build your professional allies (20:11)How to create more support for other working women (26:38)Remembering to put yourself first (36:02)May Culmination Episodes:Ep. 78: What Ceiling? The 3 Under-taught Skills That Get Women Past Professional and Financial BarriersEp. 79: Not Going Backwards: How We Elevate The Careers of Women During CovidEp. 80: Have To Do It All Yourself? How women get aboard the “Allyship” and let a few key people and strategies bolster their professional success.Ep. 81: Got the Burnout Blues? How one woman went from breakdown to breakthrough and found joyful sustainability and a career with purpose with Sandrine CresciniPeople Mentioned in this Episode:Sandrine CresciniSusan ColontuonoSheila HalvorsonRon BurtResources Mentioned in this Episode:Article: Halvorson, Sheila. “13 Factors To Ensure Sustainable Business Growth.” Forbes Magazine, 8, June 2020Article: Simmons, Michael. “The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 20 Sept. 2015Article: Stoner, Kayla. “Most Successful Women Surround Themselves with Other Women.” 22, January, 2019Contribute: The National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care FundClass: ENROLL NOW: The June 2021 Boundary AcademySend your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.

Got the Burnout Blues? How one woman went from breakdown to breakthrough and found joyful sustainability and a career with purpose with Sandrine Crescini

Ep. 81
You work long, late hours and come home exhausted. Headaches are just a way of life these days. So are the knots in your stomach. And, you really can’t remember the last time you went for a walk or a bike ride that didn’t involve multitasking with a zoom call or mentally outlining a work presentation.Besides, if you found the time to “relax”, would you even be capable of sitting still?If the thought of sitting down for 20 minutes without your computer or your phone gives you more anxiety than it should, it might be time to talk about burnout.“But, I'm comfortable being busy. Why do I have to sit down?”Because underlying anxiety is comfortably suppressed when we’re keeping ourselves busy.But, the moment you stop, you’re forced to confront what’s really goin’ on in there…Paying attention to the symptoms of burnout isn’t really a choice. One way or another, it manifests itself. If you don’t listen, it just gets louder. Chronic headaches, inflammation, anxiety, depression...these can all be linked to doing too much. If we don’t pay attention to the signs, it can derail us completely.But this...this is a story of hope.In today’s episode, Karlee welcomes a true poster-woman for sustainability, Sandrine Crescini. After a burnout breakdown left her homebound for a year, she dropped everything and gave her mind and body the time it needed to regroup. After a lot of patience and some deep soul searching, the clouds finally lifted. She left burnout behind to live a more joyful life that finally felt sustainable. Quite literally.Recognizing the symptoms of burnout and taking the time your whole being needs to rest and recover is not only healthy, but it can lead to big discoveries about yourself. It can change your path and invite more purpose into your life.It’s time to exhale.... stop holding in what you already know to be true.If you’re ready to find sustainable joy by putting you first and offering yourself more grace, then this episode is for you.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:Why it’s never a question of knowing; it’s a question of doing (12:54)What it took to recover from burnout and find joy again (18:36)How honesty with yourself and others allows space for serendipity (23:30)Thinking about sustainability in our everyday lives (27:39)How small adjustments can result in big changes (33:10)How to know when it is time to push yourself versus trying a different way (41:24)Shifting your default mindset from judgement to grace (43:05)People Mentioned in this Episode:Suzi Banks BaumResources Mentioned in this Episode:Episode 80: Have To Do It All Yourself? How women get aboard the “Allyship” and let a few key people and strategies bolster their professional success.Class: ENROLL NOW: The June 2021 Boundary AcademyArticle: * “whole team of psychologists who are suggesting that we get more specific about acknowledging that burnout is a is an actual medical form of depression.” @27:18Send your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect with Sandrine Crescini:InstagramShop: Chez Mamie: With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.

Have To Do It All Yourself? How women get aboard the “Allyship” and let a few key people and strategies bolster their professional success.

Ep. 80
How often have you turned down a lunch, happy hour, or coffee invitation with another woman, personally or professionally, because you were just too busy?As much as you might feel like you’ve taken the high road and put work first, taking rain checks on social or work + social outings might actually be costing you in the long run.In fact, you’re probably looking at these outings the wrong way altogether.The number one indicator of a woman’s professional success is….oh, were you about to say “determination”, or “grit”? Those are up there too, but there’s something even more important.A tight group of female friends.You read that right. It’s not about the resources you have or the hours you clock.It’s about connection.A.K. A networking. And we should all be doing more of it...but not in big or fancy ways.In today’s episode, Karlee goes full circle to reveal how successful women navigate the professional world in a way that’s refreshingly gender-specific. She points out the differences in the way men and women view money and power, and our contrasting motivations for obtaining them. She’ll also talk about the three obstacles unique to a woman's business or career, and thealternate paths to success that women are creating to push past them.For women rising through the ranks of a long male-dominated world, we still sometimes find that we don’t fit in. But what we do differently is actually our strength.If you don’t fit in, fit out.We do that by leaning into who we are, and utilizing the tight-knit relationships we’re naturally gifted at creating. We ask for help. And we invest in other women by seeking out women-owned businesses and becoming mentors.Because we know that when one of us rises, we all rise.If you’re ready to embrace your strengths and form powerful allyships that propel all women forward, then this episode is for you!What You’ll Learn in this Episode:The scientifically validated need to network small (4:48)4 signs that you’re ready to build core professional allies (5:46)Why networking is about quality, not quantity (15:14)Diverging motivations for power between men and women (16:20)The top 3 obstacles to women’s success (18:58)7 things you might be doing right (24:23)Why some women aren’t moving up (34:19)How to build an open network (36:05)One way women can help other women rise (40:58)People Mentioned in this Episode:Dana LemayKayla StonerStephanie Kaplan LewisRaegan Moya-JonesSara BlakelyStacey AbramsDavid RockResources Mentioned in this Episode:Article: January 22, 2019 | By Kayla Stoner. Most Successful Women Surround Themselves with Other Women, Chez Mamie: link: ENROLL NOW: The June 2021 Boundary AcademyArticle: Wolfers, Justin. “Fewer Women Run Big Companies Than Men Named John.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 2 Mar. 2015, Hinchliffe, Emma. “In 2018, All Female Founders Put Together Got $10 Billion Less Than Juul.” Fortune, Fortune, 30 Jan. 2019, Deloitte Global Research Initiative: Understanding the pandemic’s impact on working women How employers can act now to prevent a setback in achieving gender parity in the workplaceArticle: Simmons, Michael. “The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 20 Sept. 2015, your Audio Comments and Questions to anitza@everybodythrive.comConnect With Karlee:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramMessy and Magnificent is produced by the folks at Ginni Media.