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MPP96 The Legacy of Robert Bly with Walton Stanley & Timothy Young

Ep. 96

On this episode I speak with two OGs of the mythopoetic men’s movement, Walton Stanley and Timothy Young.

Walton and Tim currently organize the Minnesota Men’s Conference, and were there way back in 1984 when it was founded by poet Robert Bly.

They share some great stories about the early days, and talk about how men’s work has contributed to their lives and local communities. They also offer their perspective on how men’s work has evolved over the years, and where they see it going in the future, and finally, they address some of the criticisms against the early men’s movement as being a reaction against feminism.

Over the years, I’ve received so much inspiration and encouragement from listening to the Minnesota Men’s Conference archival recordings featuring wise elders like Robert Bly, Michael Meade, James Hillman, Robert Moore and Martín Prechtel. 

I’m deeply grateful to Walton and Tim for keeping the home fire burning over there in the Northeast and for generously sharing the collective wisdom from decades of men’s conferences for free.

I highly recommend subscribing to the Minnesota Men’s Conference YouTube channel ( and if you’re interested in attending the conference in person, visit

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MPP98 Carl Jung & Christianity with Jakob Lusensky

Ep. 98
On this episode I welcome Berlin-based Jungian analyst and creator of the Psychology & The Cross podcast, Jakob Lusensky. On his podcast, Jakob has been speaking with prominent Jungians and Christian theologians about the intersections of psychology and religion so I thought he’d be a great person to have on to talk about Jung’s complex relationship to Christianity. READING LIST: • Hillman, J. Shamdasani, S. Lament of the Dead: Psychology After Jung’s Red Book, 2013, W.W. Norton & Company • Kempis, T. My Imitation of Christ, 1982, Confraternity of the Precious Blood • Homans, P. Jung in Context Modernity and the Making of a Psychology, 1979, The University of Chicago Press • Stein, M. Jung’s Treatment of Christianity: The Psychotherapy of a Religious Tradition, 2015, Chiron Publications • Giegerich, W. Dreaming the Myth Onwards: C.G Jung on Christianity and on Hegel, 2020, Routledge • Lammers, A.C In God’s shadow The Collaboration of Victor White and C.G Jung, 1994, Paulist Press • Cook, Amy, Jung and Kierkegaard: Researching a Kindred Spirit in the Shadows, 2018, Routledge • Jehle-Wildberger M. C.G Jung Adolf Keller, On Theology & Psychology, 2020, Philemon Foundation • Jaffé, A., Jung, C.G., Memories, Dreams, Reflections, 1961, Random House LINKS:Psychology & The Cross podcast: http://cross.centerMedicine Path Patreon: Counselling & Resources: