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Design Thinking 101 with Jared Lee (MBA'18)

Season 1, Ep. 6

In the bustling corridors of corporate boardrooms, where spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks reign supreme, there exists a secret weapon—a creative force that breathes life into innovation. Welcome to the world of design thinking. As Jared Lee (MBA’18), faculty lecturer and Principal at Juniper, articulates, “design thinking is a structured and creative approach to human-centered problem solving.” 

Tune in to the latest episode of McGill Management Insights to delve deeper into design thinking as a powerful tool for innovation and problem-solving, including which problem domains reap the most benefits from this approach. Then, discover how you can incorporate it, be it in a corporate environment or even within the confines of your own home! 

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  • 11. Investing for Impact with Ismaël Fanny (MBA'18)

    As firms and individuals become more conscious of the impact their investments have on their communities and society, the concept of impact investing is rising in popularity. Organizations like the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank seek to unlock private investment and create markets and opportunities in developing countries. In this episode of McGill Management Insights, host Hawa Keita, an MBA student and the lead of the Concordia Africa Initiative, is joined by Ismaël Fanny (MBA’18).  
  • 10. Kickstart Your Career with Tanya Ezekiel (BCom'93)

    Tanya Ezekiel is a performance-driven executive coach with a diverse background. She started her career as a bond options trader at Salomon Brothers and later became a Managing Director at Bank of America. Her experience in finance proved valuable, especially early on in her journey. In 2010, Tanya founded Conductive, a coaching and talent management advisory firm. At Conductive, she helps leaders and teams communicate, interact, and perform at their highest level. She joins this episode of McGill Management Insights to share her expertise on how to get ahead at any stage of your career. 
  • 9. Navigating Office Politics with Sara Knapp (BCom'89)

    Starting that first new job right out of university can be intimidating enough as it is, but throw office politics into the mix and it can become even more difficult to adjust. Sara Knapp (BCom’89) is an executive coach and the founder of Bay Street Coaching and has dedicated her career as a coach to helping to accelerate the career success of others. She joins undergraduate student Sophie Ou in this episode of McGill Management Insights, sharing her expertise on how young professionals can navigate office politics and make them work for their benefit.  
  • 8. Leveraging AI and New Technologies with George Attar (BCom’82)

    In this episode of McGill Management Insights, undergraduate student Jeremie Nathaniel is joined by George Attar (BCom’82), former Senior Vice President of Strategic Technology Solutions as McKesson Canada, who shares some insights on implementing new technologies including when to consider them and how to ensure they're the right solution to your unique business needs.  
  • 7. Building a Career in Professional Sports with Jerome Burke (BCom'08)

    As the Florida Panthers prepare for Round 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, there is a whole team of staff behind the scenes making the magic you see on the ice game after game possible. Among these talented professionals, you’ll find one of our very own. In this episode of McGill Management Insights, Jerome Burke (BCom’10) joins BCom student Isaure Lafeytaud to share his journey, from his early days as an intern with the Montreal Junior Hockey Team to his current role as Director, Hockey Administration with the Florida Panthers. 
  • 5. Using Your Career to Make a Greater Impact with Aliénor Armand-Linot (MBA'17)

    Aliénor Armand-Linot (MBA'17) is a natural resources director at PSP Investments who has dedicated her time and her expertise to serving as an ally and a mentor, uplifting other women in leadership and causes that are close to her heart. In this episode of McGill Management Insights, she joins host and MBA student Camila Sabogal Cuadros to share her experience as a woman in leadership as well as the value of mentorship, sponsorship and ally ship. Tune in to hear more from this inspiring young leader!
  • 4. The Intersection of Mining and Finance with Chris Adams (BCom'90)

    In this episode, Peter Harquail, an MBA student with a decade of experience in the mining industry is joined by BCom alum Chris Adams. With over 30 years of mining finance experience and particular mining knowledge in the Americas, Chris is the former head of mining finance at Macquarie Group. He shares not only his experience in the industry, which has taken him all over the world, but also some thoughts on where the industry is headed and advice for those who might be interested in a career in mining finance.
  • 3. Promoting Social-Class Diversity in B-Schools and in Boardrooms with Sema Burney (BCom’97, MBA’02)

    When we talk about diversity in candidate selection, our attention often centers on ethnicity, gender, or orientation. This episode brings attention to a vital yet often overlooked aspect: social class diversity in elite programs and job recruitment. Sema Burney (BCom’97, MBA’02) joins Maëlle Morin, a third-year undergraduate student in managing for sustainability to explore how a student's socio-economic background influences their school experiences and career path and how businesses can benefit from having more diverse perspectives in their organizations.