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Turning Tiny Habits into Massive Results with Mary Kelly

Ep. 38

Mary Kelly joins us today to give a mini masterclass on how to be more effective throughout our days, increase productivity, and retain our internal customers.

Mary is a High-performer and a Super-achiever. Wrote, co-authored, and edited over 15 business, leadership, productivity, and personal finance books. She is a Motivational Leadership Speaker and Growth Business Consultant. Mary served over 21 years in the Navy and retired as a Commander with specialties in HR, Logistics, Intelligence, and Security.

Mary holds a P.h.D in Economics, a master's degree in History, and another in Economics. She is considered the 16th most influential economist and a top 50 Keynote Speaker. She has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and Mensa, to name a few. 

In this episode, Mary shares some valuable tips for turning ourselves into high-achievers and going through our daily tasks more effectively. She highlights the importance of creating tiny habits, occupying our dead time, and using it for other things. We also talk about internal customer retention and what we can effectively do to guarantee they feel valued, appreciated, and content working with us. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Mary shares a bit about her background and her family of high-achievers (3:39)
  • Mary explains the advantages of multitasking (7:27)
  • Mary talks about why we shouldn't use our "big brain" for small tasks (11:26)
  • Mary talks about the best ways of using the dead time (15:16)
  • Mary goes through the importance of making our internal customers feel appreciated and valued (23:20)
  • Mary and Kim talk about the flexible hours concept and why it is so resisted (27:12)


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  • 95. Throwback To Ep# 55 | Everything You Need To Know About Your Auto Policy with Richard Sharman

    How familiar are you with your personal auto policy? This week, we revisit the second part of my conversation with Richard Sharman, in which he shared everything you must know about your auto policy. Richard is an Executive Coach at ATI with over 40 years of experience in the auto collision industry and insurance claims professions.Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Richard's thoughts on State limits and coverage exclusions, how to avoid getting caught off guard when accidents hit, and what happens with medical bills if you get into an accident while driving an uninsured passenger. You'll also hear about deductibles, exclusions, and what you should know before handing your car keys to an internal customer to "get something for you real quick."Buckle up and get your reading glasses because today, we dive right into the small prints of your personal auto policy. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Do States have coverage limits? (3:40)What happens when someone gets hurt in your vehicle (6:30)What are comprehensive and collision limits? (8:40)Does carrying the minimum protect you from being sued for larger amounts? (14:50)A quick auto policy breakdown (21:00)Some details of exclusions under liability to others (24:00)Let's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
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    Isn't it frustrating to know you are better than your competitors, yet you see them getting all the work? The only thing you must do to change that is to get your marketing efforts right. This week, I'm joined by Kim and Brian Walker, Owners of Shop Marketing Pros and Hosts of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, to discuss auto repair marketing, the importance of creating and presenting unique content, and why every auto shop owner should understand how marketing works. As former auto repair shop owners, Kim and Brian know the importance of increasing auto shops' online visibility and using that exposure to grow their client base. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Kim and Brian's journey into auto shop marketing and how they "had to figure marketing out" themselves. You'll also hear why they invest a lot of their time in knowing their clients, why they believe having a customer success manager is crucial, why understanding marketing reports is as vital as receiving them, and much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Kim and Brian's backstory (3:10)Why did Kim and Brian decide to leave their auto shop and start a marketing business (7:00)As a business owner, you must become a people and money manager (12:10)What message do you send when your marketing content isn't unique (16:20)Know your audience and create content accordingly (23:10)Why every auto repair shop owner should learn about marketing (29:50)Connect with Kim and Brian:WebsiteThe Auto Repair Marketing PodcastKim's LinkedInBrian's LinkedInLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
  • 93. You Can Become an A-Tech and Repair Your Own Mind with Cally Rampis

    Although talking about the pandemic in 2023 might sound like ancient times for some, many others are still struggling with the stress and anxiety of that epoch, and the worst part is that they aren't aware of it. In today's episode, I'm joined by the wonderful Cally Rempis to talk about entrepreneurship, stress release, anxiety and trauma relief, and the best methods to lower your cortisol levels. Cally is an Integrative Health Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist who, after consulting a hypnotherapist to figure out what was stopping her from feeling fulfilled, decided to become one, change her life, and help others change theirs. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about Cally's introspective journey that led to all kinds of changes in her life: her looks, her thoughts, her career, and the way she sees the world. Cally also shares effective and ridiculously simple ways to lower your cortisol levels, tips and advice to leave stress in a drawer before going to work, how to incorporate meditation into your life, and more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Cally's first encounter with a hypnotherapist. The beginning of a new life (4:40)We all are molded by our experiences (7:30)Some people weren't made to work from home (13:10)How focusing on what you want tricks your brain (18:10)How to get rid of stress in a couple of minutes (24:20)Why hiring an outsider to look at the inside might be all you need (30:50)Connect with Cally:WebsiteInstagramYouTubeTikTokFacebookLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
  • 92. How to Choose the Perfect Software for Your Auto Shop with Kirk Mize and Jesse Meddaugh

    Plugging technology into your auto repair shop can improve your productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and make your internal and external customers' lives easier IF you choose the right software. This week, I'm joined by Kirk Mize and Jesse Meddaugh to discuss the advantages and the proper use of tech in auto repair shops. Kirk is the Director of Sales at Shop Boss, the premier shop management software for independent automobile repair shops and national repair brands. Jesse is a Founding Partner at 360 Payment Solutions, a payment processor designed to add value to its partners and shorten their sales cycles. Throughout our conversation, you'll learn why specificity beats broader approaches in business every day of the week, the difference between focusing on offering the lowest price or the best customer experience, and how to choose the right software for your auto shop. We also discuss the importance of picking software that supports your business model and growth goals, why having SOPs and systems in place is so crucial, and much more.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Jack of all trades, master of none (4:10)Why you shouldn't dabble here and there and create weak branches (6:30)How to pick the right software for your auto repair shop (10:40)The importance of having SOPs and systems in place (14:10)Do everything you do in your business improves the process? (20:20)Stay in touch with your suppliers (24:20)Exploring your software tools can improve your auto shop's productivity (29:30)Connect with Kirk:LinkedInShop Boss' websiteConnect with Jesse:LinkedIn360 Payments' websiteLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
  • 91. How To Maximize Your Auto Repair Shop's Social Media Potential

    "When your socials look like everyone else's, like a brochure or billboard, it's not doing you justice or a good service."In this episode, I'm joined by Corey Perlman, Keynote Speaker, Executive Consultant, Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert, Best-selling Author, and Owner of Impact Social Media. Corey got into social media way "before it was cool," teaching technology workshops at General Motors and other car dealerships. With time, he decided to spread his knowledge to other industries and wrote a book, "eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business." The book ranked #1 on Amazon almost immediately, he turned into a Keynote Speaker, and not too much later, Impact Social Media was born. Throughout our conversation, Corey talks about his journey in digital marketing and social media advertising, the dos and don'ts of social media for auto repair shops, and shares his thoughts on the best ways to reply to negative feedback online or negative reviews. We also discuss what content works better for auto repair shops, how to create engaging content, what to look for when hiring a social media professional, and more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Corey's journey into social media advertising and digital marketing (3:00)How digital marketing impacted the car dealership industry (5:10)What an auto repair shop owner should look for in a social media expert (10:30)What kind of content works better for auto repair shops (13:00)Corey talks about social media's unproductive habits for auto shop owners (18:50)How to respond to negative feedback online and negative reviews (24:00)Connect with Corey:Social Media Impact websiteLinkedInGet Corey's books!Let's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
  • 90. Why Aiming for Profit Will Help You Put People First with Ron Saharyan

    Business owners who openly discuss their desire to be profitable are usually misjudged. Some people think aiming for profit means being greedy or putting money and goods before people when it is the opposite: only profitable auto repair shops can put people first. Profit allows you to pay your debts, be philanthropic, and elevate your and your internal customers' lifestyle. This week, I'm thrilled to welcome Ron Sharyan, aka Obi-Ron Kenobi, back to the show. Ron is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Profit First Professionals, an international network of accountants, bookkeepers, and financial experts on a mission to help companies increase their earnings through the Profit First method. We had a wholesome conversation about profit. Ron explains why he sees profit as a retention tool, an instrument that allows one to give back, and a legacy-building mechanism. He debunks the myths around profit, shares his thoughts on seeking profit to fulfill a business purpose, goes through the difference between seeking profit and living above one's means, and so much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:What it means to be proud to be profitable (3:00)Who are those who don't "want" to be profitable (8:40)Profit is a retention tool (10:30)The most expensive popcorn in the world and Ron's bragging rights (18:10)How everyone spends their money is no one's business (24:10)Profit first = people first (31:00)Connect with Ron:Profit First University websiteLinkedInTwitterLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail: