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The Destructive Power of Toxic Employees with Keith Katz

Ep. 48

As shop owners, the price we pay for coping with toxic employees is higher than we think. Meet Keith Katz and learn about his story of dealing with a toxic employee for almost a year, which affected his business and health and made him lose several valuable internal customers. 

Keith has been part of the automotive industry since 1981 and a shop owner since 1998, when he founded Quality Service Center in York, Pennsylvania. 

We delve into why Keith hired this toxic employee in the first place, the time it took him to realize how this person was affecting his business and his health, and the red flags he ignored he most certainly won't neglect again. Keith depicts some typical toxic behaviors every shop owner should look for, shared examples of how dealing with this person affected him personally and professionally, and the feedback he got after letting the toxic employee go. 

Keith also shared a beautiful message about friendship and an excellent example of how important it is to have someone in our corner, especially when we can't figure out why showing up at our own shop feels like torture. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How did the story of Keith and his toxic employee start (4:28)
  • The toxic environment's first victim. Keith loses a tenured internal customer (5:56)
  • How to spot a toxic employee before it is too late (7:39)
  • When toxic employees hold an entire organization hostage (12:19)
  • Why some shop owners maintain a toxic employee (16:49)
  • When we start hating going to work in our own shop (23:42)
  • As shop owners, sometimes we have to remember who makes the rules (30:12)
  • Sometimes, a friend's hug is all we need (32:58)


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Two Blessings In Disguise with Gilda Dyckman

Ep. 57
Today's episode is special in the whole extension of the word because Gilda Dyckman joins us to tell the story of her identical twins, Troy and Brent. The twins, now 22, were blessed with an autism diagnosis, and since they arrived in Gilda and her husband's lives, they did nothing but bring joy, good laughs, and tons of teachings about love, empathy, patience, and compassion. Gilda has owned Cars Muffler & Automotive since 1996, where she recently hired Brent to help her with filing and reconciling statements. Throughout our conversation, Gilda shares details of the twins' journey to incorporate into the American workforce. The challenges they face to get a job and the bitter flavor of negatives from shop owners who (sometimes) can't grasp the value exceptional adults can add to their businesses. Gilda also debunks some myths about the supposed dangers of hiring special people, explains why sometimes an autistic person might be perfect for specific jobs, and so much more.  In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Gilda's challenging and fun journey (3:31)Some differences between Troy and Brent (6:25)A proposal Brent had to think about for a couple of days (10:33)What are ILS and Tailor Services, and how do they work (17:21)How Trey and Brent changed life also at Cars Muffler & Automotive (23:08)Why hiring exceptional adults is an excellent idea (27:04)Resources:Cars Muffler & Automotive websiteCollective Social Services website. Regional Centers in CaliforniaConnect with Gilda:LinkedInLet's connect:LinkedInFacebookEmail:

Focusing On Individuality To Improve The Collective with JeanAnn St Grace

Ep. 56
What kind of vehicle are you? A semi-truck that needs a defined plan and route before hitting the road; a sports car, fast, agile, and always looking for shortcuts; or perhaps a diesel truck, a constant, consistent performer, who needs supervision and steady direction, but who always delivers? What about your internal customers? What kind of vehicles are they? In today's episode, JeanAnn St Grace visits us to share her unique view on group management, customer service, and how we react to and deal with our emotions. She is the Founder of The Simple Heart Sanctuary, a space dedicated to helping people take control of their healing journey. She highlights the importance for shop owners of knowing themselves before guiding internal customers, how we can use technology to create "owner manuals" on how to run a business, why it is crucial to embrace internal customers' uniqueness, and so much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:How car issues can turn into personal issues (3:10)Once you are in crisis mode, you're incapable of operating at any level (6:53)Different people can't be managed exactly the same (10:25)What kind of vehicle are you? (12:41)Emotions are like a wave (22:34)How to create (and use) an "owner manual" (28:02)Resources:The Simple Heart Sanctuary websiteThe Simple Heart Sanctuary InstagramThe Simple Heart Sanctuary YouTubeConnect with JeanAnn:InstagramLet's connect:LinkedInFacebookEmail: