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Leading by Example and Prioritizing Personal Relationships with Cassandra and Autumn Bergum

Ep. 45

Joining us today are Cassandra Bergum, GM and Owner of Hi-Line Service & Hydraulics, and her daughter Autumn to talk about the importance of culture and nurturing personal relationships in the workspace. 

After managing an oilfield trucking company for almost a decade, Cassandra relied on his mechanic's background from her time at the Army's National Guard to accept managing Hi-Line Service & Hydraulics. Cassandra's unique leadership style created a culture where internal customers feel happy to work, which translates into optimal customer service. 

In this episode, Cassandra and Autumn share their experiences at the store, the relationship they built with internal and external customers, and how they increased the store's efficiency and customer service by adding an Auto Value store to their business. Cassandra also shared her thinking process behind deciding to add an Auto Value store and her surprise at July's grand opening. 

We also talk about their Friday noon tradition at the shop, the unproductive habits they left behind, and much more. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Your internal customers are happy and engaged. And so they provide excellent service, and it comes full circle. Can you talk to us a little bit about your culture? (5:47)
  • How did you come upon being the owner of this business? (12:01)
  • Autumn, you have survived nicely hearing the word "no" occasionally. Can you talk about that just for a moment? Because there are so many people out there that are scared to death to tell their children "no." (23:02)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Autumn's experiences working at the family business (2:13)
  • The chain effect of creating an engaging culture (5:59)
  • What led Cassandra to start managing Hi-Line Service & Hydraulics (12:10)
  • How adding an Auto Value store to Cassandra's business upgraded her business (17:08)
  • How unproductive habits get in our way and what can we do about them (27:56)


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Focusing On Individuality To Improve The Collective with JeanAnn St Grace

Ep. 56
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