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How To Lead, Influence, and Trust Internal Customers with LeAnne Williamson

Ep. 64

We all want to grow our businesses, influence our internal customers and help them develop, grow, and become better professionals. But how many of us are prepared to delegate and trust our team members' decisions? 

Today, I'm joined by the fantastic LeAnne Williamson. She is an Executive Coach, Advanced Certified Profit First Professional, Certified Engagement Coach, DEI Certified, and Consultant at Automotive Training Institute. She also writes for Motor Age and for the ATI Blog. Besides her formal education, LeAnne is passionate about personal development and is constantly honing her craft by studying with some of the greatest, like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki, to name a few. 

Throughout our conversation, LeAnne dissects and explains leadership, what practices lead to an enticing, productive, and stimulating leadership style, and why so many shop owners struggle with delegating. We also discuss the importance of trust and accountability to achieve empowering levels of leadership, how to break old habits, and much more. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about LeAnne's background and why she is so passionate about leadership (2:43)
  • Leadership is an influence process (7:25)
  • The four styles of leadership (8:13)
  • An advice for shop owners who can't let go of making all the decisions (14:43)
  • Learn to embrace and accept change (17:30)
  • You can always squeeze in some personal development training in your schedule (21:05)
  • Sometimes, shop owners get in the way of their internal customers (26:03)
  • Is advice always welcome? (34:05)


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