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How Ready Are You For Your Business' Succession with Eric Goodnoe

Ep. 67

When we think of retirement, we usually focus on what kind of life we want to have or where we want to take our business before that happens, yet we rarely think of who'll be in charge after we are gone. Having a succession plan and working backwards from it is an excellent way of figuring out our and our business direction, streamlining our path and setting a definite date for our goals. 

In today's episode, I'm joined by Eric Goodnoe, President of M&D Auto & Body Repair in Hasslet, Michigan. After his father retired, M&D Founder and former President Eric realized dealing with the succession plan was an excellent opportunity to set a clear direction for himself and the company and redefine personal and professional milestones. 

We talk about Eric's experiences during the succession, the transition from being the second in command to President, who he trusted to take his place and why, and how it changed his views on the automotive industry and business management. We also discuss Eric's retirement plan; he shares advice on business succession for shop owners, why he decided it was a good time to expand his business, and more. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Eric's succession and business expansion plan (3:49)
  • How it was for Eric to transition from 2nd in command to lead the business (11:12)
  • The benefits of implementing open-doors policies (15:21)
  • Eric's 15 years retirement plan (17:50)
  • What does succession look like in your business? (22:38)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Create More Than A Great Environment In Your Auto Repair Shop with Bianca Gosser

Ep. 81
People will have dozens of great experiences every day, yet guess which ones will stick and spin in their heads until they go to sleep? Extra points if you replied: the bad ones. If anything, you don't want your auto repair shop to be the one that provides that unforgettable subpar experience. In this episode, I'm excited to talk with Bianca Gosser, Senior Manager of Brand Partnership at Atmosphere, an Austin-based streaming service specializing in out-of-home TV. At Atmosphere, they believe what's being broadcasted on a business TV is as essential as the internal customers' attention to detail and politeness. Throughout our conversation, we discuss all the aspects involved in creating WOW experiences, from the music being played to what's on our TV screens to how familiar internal customers are with our systems and the tech available. Bianca also highlights the importance of investing in training for shop owners and internal customers, keeping ourselves informed and updated about what's happening in the world, and embracing new technologies. Additionally, Bianca shares her thoughts on how new techs will impact the automotive industry, explains what's Atmosphere about, and so much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Avoid overbooking when you are understaffed (4:40)How can we prepare our auto repair shop to embrace new technologies (7:30)Don't play the Titanic song on the spa of a cruise ( 8:50)How to make your customers feel at home (11:20)Use new technologies to offer WOW experiences (13:10)Investing in internal customers' training is always a good idea (19:40)A bit about Atmosphere and how it can help your auto repair shop create great experiences (24:00)Connect with Bianca:LinkedInAtmosphere websiteMENTIONING THIS PODCAST, Atmosphere will waive all activation fees and grant a $200 credit per location.Let's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Thinking Big On Small Auto Repair Shops' Marketing with Phil Jackson

Ep. 80
What makes your auto repair shop different from Joe's down the street? In this episode, I'm thrilled to be talking with Phil Jackson, Business Development Manager at Pit Crew Marketing. Phil helps small business owners streamline their marketing efforts, increase customer retention, and prevent "one-and-done" clients by providing tools, reports, and education. We had a fantastic conversation about unproductive habits, how to eradicate them from our lives without being too harsh on ourselves, and why relying on morning routines and consistency is an excellent way to eliminate them. Phil also explains why he believes small businesses are back into the differentiation race and why revenue is linked with businesses' social impact. Additionally, we discuss referral programs, the importance of developing human connections with customers, auto repair shop CEOs leading by example, and so much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:How to get rid of unproductive habits and maintain your sanity (3:10)Consistency in your marketing efforts is crucial (8:40)Working long hours is a terrible example for internal customers (14:10)Why creating incredible experiences for customers is vital (20:40)Simplicity goes a long way (23:30)Create human connections and make your business deserve a 5-star review (29:40)Connect with Phil:Pit Crew MarketingLinkedInMENTION THIS PODCAST AND GET $50 A MONTH OFF!Let's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail:
Tuesday, May 2, 2023

How To Make Workers' Comp Work Both Ways with Paige Hazeltine

Ep. 79
Workers' comp is a delicate matter for most auto repair shop owners, a thorny issue they wish they didn't have to deal with. Truth of the matter is, as long as internal customers and employers contemplate the law before taking any action, they'll be just fine. In this episode, I'm joined by Paige Hazeltine, Esq, Head of Florida Workers Compensation Department at the Law Firm of Alex Dell. The pragmatic, determined, innovative, resourceful, well-dressed, dog person and outspoken professional took a minute out of her work at the law firm to educate us on workers' compensation. Throughout our conversation, Paige takes the mystery out of workers' compensation, describes the most common mistakes auto repair shop owners and internal customers make when someone gets hurt at work, and turns workers' comp claims' complicated logistics into really easy-to-follow guides. In addition, you'll hear about why the truth is always the shortcut to simple solutions, what happens when a worker gets hurt doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing, how workers' comp work for home office workers, and more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Workers' comp it's an animal in and of itself (2:08)How does the 30-day window to inform an injury work (5:11)What happens when a not-reported minor scratch develops into something serious (10:12)Workers' comp for workers out of the books (19:01)Anything it's said to doctors in workers' comp is fair game (23:04)It doesn't matter how it happened; an injury in the workplace is an injury (27:53)Workers' comp for home office workers. The dog story (29:22)Connect with Paige:LinkedInLaw Firm of Alex Dell websiteLet's connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookEmail: