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How Empowering Internal Customers Can Increase Revenue with Matt Barnes

Ep. 35

Joining us today is Matt Barnes to talk about the benefits of empowering internal customers, removing the fear of failing, and being aware of our state of mind at work. 

Matt is the Owner and Operator of B&B Automotive and Superior Auto Service in Bryan, Texas. 

In this episode, we travel to the land where everything's bigger to learn about Matt's unique perspective on leading a business. Throughout our conversation, Matt shared his thoughts on the importance of bringing the right energy to work, empowering internal customers, and working hard to create a space where failure is allowed and accepted as part of any process. He also talks about the lessons he got from getting rid of an unproductive habit and the importance of remaining calm when things go South and everyone starts panicking. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Matt talks about how leaving an unproductive habit benefited him and his business (5:01)
  • Matt talks about the importance of leaving personal problems aside when it's show time (6:11)
  • Matt explains how to deal with the hard-to-swallow-pill of failing (9:41)
  • Matt explains how he manages to remain calm in critical situations (14:38)
  • Matt shares a concrete example of how empowering internal customers translated into more revenue (17:27)


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