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Matcha with Murad- Ben Marten

Season 1, Ep. 1

Murad talks to multi-award winning actor, Ben Marten about his role in "The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain", "Chicago Fire", "Empire", life during covid, his spirituality and how that has saved his career during this hard year.

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  • 14. S*** Situations and What To Do

    Sometimes, you can't lie to yourself, you're in a crap situation... So how do you react? In this episode Murad gets personal and discusses the ways you can choose to see the positive things in your life while still acknowledging the negative. Toxic positivity is a thing, and it's a good way to not correctly process your emotions when bad things are happening. Instead, we talk about how to accept that there is an outside force trying to bring you down and dealing with it. However, when you make the choice to do things that bring you joy in life, you're able to add gratitude back into your life and this will slowly start to balance out your negative situation. Over time, this kind of approach can have an incredible impact on your life and help teach you that even the hard lessons in life are necessary as long as you get back up and keep showing up for yourself in a true and powerful way.For more information on music, podcasts or YouTube, visit:
  • 13. Chatty Check In

    On this episode we simply talk about life. We discuss what's been going on lately in Murad's life and how to find a creative routine that works best for you based on your Ayurvedic dosha. Thanks for listening!For more information on Podcasts, Music and YouTube, visit:
  • 12. Are you Being your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy?

    Today we discuss being your best friend vs. your own worst enemy. Murad talks about the signs and language you may not realize you are using that is actually holding you back and putting yourself down. She also lists ways to expand your vocabulary and actions to actually become your best friend and boost yourself up so you can live your best life.Steps to disengage your negative self-talk:Self awareness- start to recognize what you say and think about yourselfWrite down the negative thoughtsUse your feelings and emotions to help you recognize when these thoughts are happeningRewrite these negative thoughts and flip them on their head so they become a positive affirmationRead them out-loud to yourself and use these when you do have a negative thought or feelingsWays positive thinking will benefit your lifeConfidenceGoalsHow you see and treat othersHelping others feel better about themselvesYou will experience more life and more joy
  • 11. Single vs. Cuffed

    With cuffing season quickly approaching, we have another fun talk about relationships in this week's episode. We talk about the pros of being both single and "cuffed" and how you can thrive regardless of your relationship status. SingleLaser focus and cultivating your inner powerHealth orientedThe world is your oysterBetter social lifeRelationshipDating your best friendLearning about yourself through othersBuilding your life togetherFor more information on Music, Podcasts or YouTube visit muradxmusic
  • 10. Relationship Talk

    In this episode, Murad has a deep dive discussion into relationships. We all have different ideas on relationships and I'm curious to hear yours as well. Leave a comment and review!In this episode I've included my biggest 3 red flags as well as my favorite green flagsRed FlagsInsecurityJealousyEmotionally ChallengedGreen FlagsRespectHealthy SpaceIndependent and Self-SufficientFor more information on podcasts, music and YouTube, visit muradxmusic
  • 9. Juggling Creative Projects

    Are you a person who always has multiple projects in many different mediums happening at the same time? Same! Here are some tips to juggling multiple passions and how to always show up for these projects with your best self.Ways to successfully juggle more than one projectCreate an identity for yourself and your creative venturesWhat takes priority?Carve out timeFor more information on podcasts, music and YouTube visit muradxmusic
  • 8. Simple Guide to Ayurveda

    On this week's episode of Matcha with Murad, we dive into the world of Ayurveda. What is it? Why is it beneficial? How can you start to implement it into your life? This is a quick and simplified explanation to get you started if Ayurveda is something that interests you. If you want to take a dosha quiz or look at some of the holistic products visit more information about music, podcasts or YouTube visit
  • 7. How to Live in Art

    How to look at your life as art and surround yourself with creative ideas, places and people until you realize you have visualized and created the life you’ve always dreamed of.For more information on music, podcasts or YouTube, visit
  • 6. Meditation.. Is it Worth it?

    During this weeks episode we discuss meditation. Why it can be daunting at first and how amazing it is for you!Benefits from ForbesStress ReductionAnxiety ManagementDepression ManagementLowers blood pressureSupports immune system healthRegulates MoodHelps with Addiction ManagementImproves SleepTips on Meditation- from HeadspaceStart EarlySame Time, Same PlaceBe creative with the places you meditate when you’re on the goFind the position you’re comfortable inBreathe NaturallyGet comfortable with discomfortTake mindfulness with you through your dayTake a moment and check in with yourself after each sessionRecord any of your excusesDon’t judgeSources: