Master Your Being


Self-Mastery Explained

Season 1, Ep. 2

I wanted to start this podcast with a very introductory explanation of what self-mastery is, who I am, and how I got here.

So, besides my own brief story, I'll be talking about learning to manage (control) our thinking, our emotions, and our behavior. I talk about how to use each of those three to manage ourselves within the experience without taking any control over the external experience at all. Self-mastery gives us the ability to manage ourselves fully without having any dependence on the outside world to stay the same or not cause trouble.

This is a method of healing that I learned through doing and it's one I'm now going to share with you in podcast form.

As I mentioned at the end of the podcast, I will not be scheduling or structuring this podcast. It will be another platform to share on as and when I feel called to do so. I'm excited to share with you and I am still aiming for a more or less weekly episode, however the date and time of that episode will not be pre-determined.

Patreon subscribers will still get a 48 hour advance sneak preview though before I make the episode public.

If you're interested in following me along on my journey, you can hit up my website at All the links to all of my blogs and platforms are there.

Thanks so much for listening.

Love to all.


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