Master Your Being


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Season 1, Ep. 1

Beginning on Thursday, March 16th, I'll be releasing the first episode of Master Your Being. We're going to talk about what self-mastery is and is not, how it works, and some of the misconceptions I've found over time. I'll also share a little bit of my journey with it and what to expect in future episodes.

I'm excited to begin this journey of self-mastery with you via podcast. Any opportunity I can find to talk with and engage with people on a subject that has forever changed my life, I will take and this podcast is no exception.

You can find all my links at If you'd like early access to each episode, consider joining me on Patreon. Every episode will be released the Tuesday before to my subscribers. This is an easy way to support me in my work so that I can continue to share my journey of self-mastery with you.

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See on the next episode!

Love to all.


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