Master Your Being

Self-mastery is a process of learning how to manage and control our thoughts, emotions, and behavior so that we can understand how we are impacting and ultimately creating the reality we live within We will never achieve full self-mastery in our human lifetimes, nor should that be the goal. As with everything in life, we simply try to do better with each passing day.

Through my own healing journey I became intuitively aware of the process that I had been guided through. I quickly began to understand that what I had done was learn to control my thinking, which then allowed me to manage my emotions, and begin working on my behavior. By working with and healing all three, I had been given a fully rounded process for healing that gave me control over myself within my reality. I couldn't control what was happening around me, but I could make sure that I was okay within myself regardless of what was happening. I had created my own anchor point within myself that was independent of the reality I was inhabiting. That's not to say that I never get upset or that things don't frustrate me; there is just an internal sense of knowing that guides me the entire time so that I never feel like I'm out of control or that I can't regain my footing.

The goal of this podcast is to teach others how to begin the process of self-mastery and to share my own journey and experience with it. I am still learning and discovering day-by-day. The journey didn't end because I started writing and podcasting. It will continue for the rest of my life. I am not a guru or a master. I am a teacher and a student of everything I share. I hope you'll join me to learn, discover, and become more aware of yourself and this process of healing called self-mastery.

Della Wren

I am a writer and author talking about the process of self-mastery. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with my two kids and my dog, Piper.