Masks & Martyrs


Episode 8.5 - Behind the Mask with Andrew and Diana

Season 1, Ep. 8.5

This week, Andrew and Diana sit down together to take a breather and explain a bit about the world. Stick around for the premiere of the full cut of "Threads of Fate" at the end! Performed by Daniel Paparozzi, Diana Paparozzi, Sarah Shope, Katie Knox, Julia Heslin and Andrew Liguori. Arranged by Thomas Hart.

By the way, here's the soundcloud we mentioned. Be sure to check out "The Bard's Theme":

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Intro/Outtro is "Threads of Fate" by Diana Paparozzi and Thomas R. Hart (RecD). Find his Youtube at

Thanks to Hopper and the Books on Tape for the use of our midroll, "Mary Meet Meg". Find more on her Twitter here:

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