Masks & Martyrs


Episode 35 - The von Teppler Masquerade: Blood for the Butcher

Season 1, Ep. 35

We share reunions with old friends. We laugh, we cry, we break things, and maybe things will turn out alright. Who's to say in times like these?

Thanks for coming on this wild ride with us, y'all. Please submit your questions for Behind the Mask to us @masksandmartyrs on Twitter or via email to || || DISCORD: || STORE: ||

Intro is "Threads of Fate" by Diana Paparozzi and Thomas R. Hart (RecD). Find his Youtube at

The Glass Ceiling was written by Sarah Shope.

Part of a Name, Resolve, The Children's War, At the End of the Night and Let Dreamers Sleep were written and performed by Diana Paparozzi, with additional lyrics for Let Dreamers Sleep by Julia Heslin.

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