Masks & Martyrs


Episode 13 - Heels and Heroes: Uncaged

Season 1, Ep. 13

No hurricane can stop Hurricane Reagan Khiham!! Welcome to this week's episode, thankfully NOT interrupted by Hurricane Dorian. This week we continue Round 2 of the Masked Mayhem, in an ELECTRIFIED cage match (get it) you'll never forget. You'll wrassle. You'll hassle. You'll listen to Brika.

We apologize, by the way, for just how fast and loose we play with the rules in this episode. We were young and weak. We will become stronger.

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"Dreamlike" by Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Intro is "Threads of Fate" by Diana Paparozzi and Thomas R. Hart (RecD). Find his Youtube at

Thanks to Hopper and the Books on Tape for the use of our end theme, "Mary Meet Meg". Find more on her Twitter here:

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