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How to create a digital product

Ep. 80

Digital products are an extremely popular way to share and consume new information. They come in many different formats and are ideal for business owners who want to consider a new revenue stream or widen their existing audience.

The hardest thing for most people to overcome is the fear that they’re creating a lot of new work for themselves. Of course there is work involved in creating a digital product, but the idea is that you’re creating something once that you can sell many times.

ANY business no matter what you do can sell digital products. It not only brings in a small additional revenue at the start but also increases your trust level so that customers go on to buy your higher-end products.

in this episode

  • Find out what digital products are
  • Why you need to be selling them
  • What you can sell
  • and the 6 step process you need to go through in order to start creating digital products
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How to stand out in the search results

Ep. 79
How to stand out in the search results What makes someone click on a search result? Getting on to the first page of the search results is the ultimate goal for any business that is carrying out an SEO campaign. But how do you stand out to someone searching and encourage them to click through to your website? Search engines such as Google, pull data frankrom your website to show in the search results. There are two key elements that form the title and description that show up on the results pages. These are the title tag and meta description. In this episode, Mark takes you through what makes your meta title and description swing so people can click on it and take action. Find out how one company in Bognor got his business to fix his guitar, just from their meta title Getting a proper plugin [1:06] Many people search for a certain product or service on Google and other search engines. You will receive this extensive list of search results. The next step is picking which option to click. Now, you wouldn't be pulled to the meta description and meta title. Thus, Mark says these meta titles are what show in search engine results. Obtaining the proper plugin is the first step to take. The proper plugin [2:26] Many SEOs use Yoast. However, Mark does not recommend using that for it is buggy instead he recommends using Rankmath. Attracting people [7:17] The meta titles should be enticing and attractive to possible customers. Having a basic default “about us” will not entice customers. Mark advises putting the reader on a journey by putting all the necessary information. Being unique [9:59] The other thing you have to do is stand out because you have to be unique. Being unique is one of the most effective strategies for business owners to attract customers to click on their website during search results. If you're not unusual, you'll notice it will be a problem. You can look at your search results and see where you rank compared to your competition. See which are number one on the first, second, and third pages. [13:12] Meta titles Mark is trying to convey here that if you can get your meta titles and meta descriptions right at the start before you do anything else when you create your pages and get this particular bid, that would be ideal. Your click-through rates will skyrocket regardless of where you are on Google right now. Links & Resources Connect with Mark website: Mentioned Resources Rank Math Jarvis Learn More Grab free marketing tools, templates and cheatsheets