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Make Your Message Stick Using Your Genius Quotient With Catherine Mattiske

Season 7, Ep. 122

Have you ever played email ping pong, looked at an audience with glazed eyes, or been on a zoom meeting with distracted attendees? You know your IQ, your EQ, so it's time to know your GQ, your Genius Quotient. By unlocking your Inner Genius, you'll be able to supercharge your communication to land your message every time you write, speak, or present. Join your host Patty Farmer as she talks with Catherine Mattiske about the importance of knowing and using your genius quotient so you can perform at your best and get people engaged. Catherine is best known for inventing ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient and is a leading light in the corporate learning and team building industries. In this episode, she shares her passion for helping people professionally and the importance of collaboration between team members and growing the organization. Tune in to learn more about leadership success unlike any other!

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