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  • 144. Using AI to Revamp Old Content into Fresh Newsletters for Maximum Engagement with Vanessa Chiasson

    In a world where content creation can sometimes feel like a daunting task, one entrepreneur's journey took an unexpected turn that changed everything. When Vanessa Chiasson embarked on a business adventure to Italy, little did she know it would lead her to a co-working space where work and leisure seamlessly blended. But that was just the beginning of her story. Now, imagine the possibilities when AI tools enter the picture, revolutionizing Vanessa's approach to content creation. And the best part? The twist is yet to come... Key Takeaways: Master the art of storytelling to captivate your audience and boost your marketing impact.  Unleash the power of AI tools to revolutionize your content creation process and stay ahead of the game.  Transform old content into fresh, engaging newsletters that resonate with your audience and drive results.  Personalize your content to forge deeper connections with your audience and elevate your brand's impact.  Harness current events to craft compelling content that resonates with your audience and keeps them engaged.  Vanessa Chiasson is an award-winning freelance writer, editor, and blogger bringing warmth and depth to travel and human-interest narratives. Her bylines include Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Toronto Star, Buzzfeed, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, Travel Awaits, Cottage Life, Modern Farmer, Matador and more. Since 2012, Vanessa has been a prominent figure in the industry, coaching writers from various backgrounds and experience levels on developing effective business strategies to support their artistic endeavors. With her expertise and experience, Vanessa has made over two dozen television and conference appearances, sharing her love for travel and writing. You can follow her cozy travel adventures and insights at with Vanessa:VanessaChiasson.comFacebookTwitterLinkedInConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!

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  • 143. Forget Brainstorming. Boost Your Sales by Question Storming Instead with Melina Palmer

    When you’ve got a problem at work, how do you go about solving it? Many of us have been taught that “brainstorming” is the best course of action. Unfortunately, even though it has the word “brain” in it…this method goes against the brain’s natural tendencies. Melina will share why questions are better and how to use them to ensure you work on the right projects and problems moving forward. In this episode, you will discover how asking the right questions can transform relationships and generate sales and will leave you questioning your own problem-solving techniques. By listening you’ll learn: How the brain really works, and why that matters to everyone in business. Why brainstorming doesn't work well with the brain's natural tendencies, and the value of questions. What “Question Storming” is, and how to master using it in your business for effective problem-solving.How to harness the power of reciprocity to drive business growth and customer loyalty. Bio:Melina Palmer is a highly accomplished expert in the field of behavioral economics. As the CEO of The Brainy Business, she provides specialized training and consulting services to businesses of all sizes, helping them harness the power of behavioral economics to drive better results. With her background in applied behavioral economics, Melina has a deep understanding of the intricate workings of human decision-making. She shares her extensive knowledge through teaching at the esteemed Texas A and M Human Behavior Lab, authoring three impactful books, and hosting The Brainy Business Podcast, which boasts a remarkable achievement of over a million downloads from listeners in more than 170 countries. Melina's expertise in decoding customer behavior and optimizing marketing strategies has made her a sought-after resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to improve their marketing and sales approaches.Connect with Melina:FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramYouTubeBooksConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!
  • 142. Maximizing the Benefits of Incorporating Events into Your Marketing Strategy with Linda Cain

    Event-driven marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy in the ever-evolving business landscape. It provides an innovative platform for businesses to showcase their products or services, engage directly with their target audience, and foster stronger customer relationships. When executed effectively, events can significantly enhance a company's visibility, boost brand loyalty, and contribute to long-term growth, painting a clear picture of the power they hold in marketing. In this episode, our guest Linda Cain will debunk the top 3 myths and reveal the truth about building strong relationships through memorable event experiences. In this episode:Discover the benefits of incorporating events into marketing. Embrace the art of building relationships through events. Why an “Event Driven Business Model” is important to generate revenue. Unlock the secrets to creating engaging event experiences. Explore the truth behind the top 3 event planning myths. What every host must know before planning an event and why.Learn how to create your own stage.Linda Cain is the CEO and founder of Blu Diamond Events, a renowned event planning company with over 25 years of experience. Linda and her team have established themselves as industry leaders in the coaching and entrepreneurial space, specializing in organizing both domestic and international events. They firmly believe that events are a powerful tool for driving revenue, building lasting relationships, and expanding brand visibility. With their expertise, they help clients develop a strategic six and seven-figure event-driven business plan, focusing on revenue-generating activities and creating exceptional event experiences. With an extensive network in the coaching and entrepreneur industry, Linda and her team have successfully produced numerous six and seven-figure events, resulting in impressive profits for their clients. Their commitment to providing exceptional on-site support, training, and strategic guidance has made them the go-to choice for event planning and production. Trust Linda and her team at Blu Diamond Events to deliver outstanding results and create impactful event experiences that leave a lasting impression.Connect with Linda:LinkedInInstagramFacebookConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!
  • 141. Leverage the Power of PR: How Entrepreneurs Can Attract New Clients with Dina Behrman

    In a world where entrepreneurs struggle to stand out in a sea of competition, one woman has unlocked the secret to their success. Dina Behrman, a former journalist turned PR strategist, has a jaw-dropping twist in her approach that will leave you speechless. Brace yourself as Dina reveals how she can transform ordinary entrepreneurs into industry experts, attracting new clients and skyrocketing their credibility. But the story doesn't end there. With her expertise and global reach, Dina's clients are now poised to take their businesses to unimaginable heights. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of visibility, credibility, and unprecedented growth. Can you handle the twist?In this episode, you will be able to:·      Discover the power of PR to establish credibility, attract new clients, and grow your business.·      Craft a powerful story that captivates your audience and creates a lasting impression.·      Uncover the misconceptions about PR that may be holding you back from harnessing its full potential.·      Learn the importance of sound bites in effectively conveying your message and grabbing attention.·      Unlock the strategies for leveraging social media to maximize your PR efforts and reach a wider audience.Dina Behrman, a former journalist turned PR strategist, joins us on today's episode. With her expertise, Dina helps entrepreneurs become the go-to experts in their fields and make a bigger impact by sharing their stories and expertise in the press and bestselling books. Having worked as a publicist for industry leaders and guided countless entrepreneurs in doing their own PR, Dina's experience and knowledge in the field are unparalleled. Based in the UK but working with clients globally, she brings a unique perspective to the power of PR for entrepreneurs. Get ready to learn from Dina's insights and discover how PR can increase your visibility and credibility, leading to business growth.Connect with Dina:FacebookLinkedInInstagramConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!
  • 140. Unlocking the Power of Facebook Groups: Boost Engagement and Sales with Expert Tips - Deasha Waddup

    Unleash the power of your Facebook group with Deasha Waddup as she revolutionizes engagement and sales, captivating small business owners and entrepreneurs with her dynamic strategies and unwavering determination. In this episode, you will learn how to:Increase your business's visibility and reach by tapping into the power of Facebook groups. Discover proven strategies for optimizing your Facebook groups to attract your ideal audience and foster engagement. Learn effective techniques for engaging and re-engaging your Facebook group members, keeping them excited and active. Create valuable content that resonates with your audience, building trust and loyalty. Unlock the potential for increased sales by leveraging the connection and trust you've built in your Facebook groups.  Deasha Waddup has worked in marketing for over nine years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and digital marketing agencies. As the founder of Social Treats, Deasha Waddup is accredited by Facebook as a Lead Trainer and Community Manager, specializing in organic social media strategies and Facebook groups. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she has developed a system that she now teaches through her coaching programs. What sets Deasha apart is her passion for creating a life of freedom and flexibility, which aligns perfectly with her mission to help others consciously create a life they choose. Her insights and strategies on optimizing Facebook groups for increased engagement and sales make her the ideal expert to share valuable and practical tips on how to optimize and re-engage your Facebook groups to increase sales.Connect with Deasha:FacebookScale and Sell Using Your Facebook GroupLinkedInConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!
  • 139. Unlocking Consistent Client Growth: Powerful Strategies for Entrepreneurs

    Have you ever heard these 3 myths about achieving consistent client growth?Myth 1: You need to constantly attract new clients to grow your business. Myth 2: Offering discounts and promotions is the only way to keep clients coming back. Myth 3: Consistent client growth is only possible for large corporations with big budgets.In this episode, our guest, Christine Campbell Rapin, will debunk these myths and reveal the truth behind achieving sustainable business growth and increased revenue.By the end of the episode, you will be able to:Master strategies that consistently attract new clients and grow your business.Learn the importance of audience building to create a solid foundation for     sustainable business growth.Discover how to craft effective messaging that resonates with your target audience and drives results.Uncover the secrets to attracting high-paying clients consistently, boosting your revenue and profitability.Explore the power of building relationships and networking to expand your client base and opportunities.My special guest is Christine Campbell RapinChristine Campbell Rapin is a business mentor and consultant who has helped over 400 businesses generate billions of dollars in revenue. With her no-nonsense approach to business growth, she believes that achieving consistent client growth can be elegantly simple when you know what to focus on. As the owner of Clear Acceleration, Inc., Christine specializes in improving client conversion rates and helping businesses become the “go-to” choice in a crowded marketplace. With her expertise, she guides entrepreneurs and business owners in implementing low-tech, high-touch strategies to attract high-paying clients and secure long-term contracts. Christine's journey to entrepreneurship began with a side hustle, and through discipline and commitment, she transformed it into a thriving business. Now, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve sustainable growth and success.Connect with Christine:ChristineCampbellRapin.comLinkedInInstagramYouTubeConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!
  • 138. The Power of Visibility: Building Trust, Attracting Clients, and Creating Opportunities with Bibigi Haile

    In a world where women often question their worth and downplay their potential, one woman dared to bring about a powerful change. Bibigi Haile, founder of The Beauvoir Group, discovered the key to unlocking women's visibility and personal branding. But little did she know, her journey would take an unexpected twist, challenging her own beliefs and redefining her purpose. Join us on this transformative journey as we uncover Bibigi's quest for unapologetic visibility.In this episode, you will be able to:Boost Your Visibility: Learn effective strategies to increase your visibility in the professional world and stand out from the crowd. Embrace Unapologetic Visibility: Discover the power of confidently showcasing your skills and expertise without apologizing for your success. Master Personal Branding: Unleash your unique personal brand to create a lasting impression and attract exciting career opportunities. Take Action for Success: Gain practical tips and actionable steps to take your career to the next level and achieve the success you deserve. Supercharge Your LinkedIn Presence: Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and leverage the platform's potential for networking and career advancement. My special guest, Bibigi Haile, is the founder of The Beauvoir Group, a platform that empowers women in leadership to embrace unapologetic visibility and make bold moves in their careers. With her expertise as a sought-after keynote speaker and strategic advisor, Bibigi has earned her place on national stages, where she shares her insights on women's visibility, impostor syndrome, and personal branding. Through her podcast, Speaking with Women, Bibigi dives into the experiences of women in the modern workplace. She is a proud mother, book nerd, and running enthusiast, bringing a well-rounded perspective to her work. Bibigi's AHA moment came during her maternity leave, when she realized the struggles women face in the professional world, particularly in recognizing their own worth and value. Since then, she has dedicated herself to helping women step into their brilliance and achieve the success they deserve.Connect with Bibigi:FacebookLinkedInInstagramConnect with Patty:PattyFarmer.comFacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYouTubeWant to know the 7 key areas needed to ramp up your business? Take the quiz!