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  • Riches or Royalty

    This episode of Marketing For Accounting Firms discusses the "Rich or Royalty" dilemma many business owners face. Host Matt Banker and James Kwon explore a business's two paths: building a scalable system that generates wealth or remaining a smaller, more personal firm centered around the owner. They discuss the pros and cons of each approach and how to decide which is right for you.Highlights:The "Rich or Royalty" dilemma is the choice between building a scalable system or remaining a smaller, more personal firm.Scalable systems can generate more wealth, but smaller firms can be more rewarding for the owner.Examples of each path are given, such as Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg.There is no right or wrong answer, but it is important to be clear about your goals for your business.Listen to the full episode for more insights on Rich or Royalty.Our Recommended Tool Stack:Wordpress Hosting: Flywheel: Delivery: Active Campaign: Transcript and Editing: Descript:

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  • Your Personal Brand as a Firm Owner

    In this episode, our guest, Nicole Davis, takes us on her journey from being a reserved accountant to becoming a prominent figure in the digital landscape.Nicole shares her initial hesitations about being visible in public spaces, especially on social media, highlighting her introverted nature. However, as the owner of a growing accounting firm, she recognized the need to adapt and evolve. With a strategic mindset, she decided to leverage social media to transform her firm’s presence and reach.In this candid conversation, Nicole emphasizes the significance of trust in the accounting business. She discusses the challenges of gaining trust from both clients and potential team members, and how her active social media presence has played a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges.Nicole delves into her journey of building a marketing budget, emphasizing the importance of calculated investments. She shares insights on various marketing campaigns, from targeted mailings to online advertising, shedding light on the thought process behind each decision. By sharing her experiences, she demystifies the world of marketing for fellow accountants, offering practical advice on allocating resources effectively.Join us as we explore the intersection of accounting, social media, and marketing strategies with Nicole Davis, unraveling valuable lessons for firm owners looking to enhance their online presence and grow their businesses. Tune in and discover the power of authenticity, transparency, and strategic marketing in the world of accounting.Connect with Nicole:
  • 13. Niches for Accounting Firms

    Join Matt as he delves into the fascinating journey of discovering your niche with today's guest, Todd Howard. Todd is a seasoned expert in helping individuals and businesses identify their unique place in the industry.In a world filled with advice about the importance of having a niche, many find it a daunting challenge to pinpoint exactly where they belong. Todd's insights challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding niches, urging us to view them as a means to create a protected space for our businesses rather than just a favored market. Discover why a strong niche is more than just a label and how it goes beyond working with a specific industry or market.
  • 12. Linkedin for Accountants

    In this episode, we tackle the often overlooked but essential topic of marketing on social media, with a focus on the professional networking powerhouse, LinkedIn. Accountants are no stranger to numbers, but the numbers game of social media can sometimes feel alien and intimidating. Ashley sheds light on why many accountants shy away from marketing and delves into the historical context that has contributed to this reluctance.Ashley shares his insights on the power of personal branding and how leveraging platforms like LinkedIn can help accountants transition from the one-on-one client interactions to reaching a broader audience in the digital landscape. We explore the dynamics of building trust and credibility through social media and the role that a well-established online presence can play in attracting the right clients.Connect with Ashley:
  • 11. Low-Hanging Fruit: Maximizing Marketing Impact for Accounting Firms

    In this episode, Matt engages in a captivating conversation with Patrick Dichter, an accounting firm owner who took an unconventional path into the world of accounting through his background in marketing. Prepare to gain valuable insights into optimizing your firm's marketing efforts from a unique perspective.In this episode, Patrick shares the story of how he found his way to owning an accounting firm, despite not having a traditional accounting background. With a passion for helping small businesses, Patrick witnessed the transformative power of quality bookkeeping and saw an opportunity to acquire accounting firms. He takes you on his exciting journey, highlighting the benefits he discovered along the way.Connect with Patrick:
  • 10. Awareness Island: Marketing Basics

    Join Matt on a visual journey as he provides a mental map to help you conceptualize the marketing process for your accounting firm.In this solo episode, Matt explores the crucial first step of any marketing journey: getting people onto Awareness Island. Some individuals reach this stage organically through means like podcasts, conferences, or recommendations from friends. Others arrive without your direct influence, turning to search engines like Google or seeking advice from their personal networks.Connect with Matt:
  • 9. The Essential Marketing Tactics

    Join host Matt Banker in this episode of the Marketing for Accounting Firms podcast as he sits down with Tracy Kelly, an experienced marketer specializing in family-owned B2B businesses. Tracy shares his expertise in helping family-owned businesses navigate the world of marketing and establish a solid digital presence. They delve into the importance of a well-designed website as the foundation for effective marketing strategies and discuss the challenges faced by businesses transitioning from traditional to digital marketing methods. Tracy provides valuable insights on website development, traffic generation, lead nurturing, and the overall marketing journey for family-owned businesses. Whether you're an established firm or a solo operator, this episode offers practical advice for enhancing your online marketing efforts.You can connect with Tracy here: