RFM133 – How Digital Agencies can leverage their Brand

Ep. 133
Main talking points include:

In this episode Brandon Birkmeyer and I unpack exactly what a brand is, and how it is vital for Agencies to develop their own brand. We cover the advantages of brand development and the tactical outworks of this in real life!

Topics include: 

  • What is a brand
  • How the process of content creation helps develop your brand
  • Using your clients to drive the process of defining and shaping your brand
  • How brands set expectations through meaningful experiences
  • How to put a brand into action


About Brandon

Brandon Birkmeyer is a seasoned brand strategist, business coach, keynote speaker, and podcaster. For over 17 years, Brandon advised and directed brand strategy for top FORTUNE 100 companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Wells Fargo. He is the founder of the Podcast Branding Academy, an online school for podcasters. He also produces and hosts a top marketing podcast called Brands On Brands, which has ranked #1 in personal branding and content marketing on Apple Podcasts.



Twitter: @bbirkmeyer


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