#028 – Selling and delivering websites – Justin Meadows

Ep. 28

In this episode, we meet Justin Meadows – founder of TunedWP. We discuss the process and methodology Justin uses to sell and deliver successful websites through his agency. 


Main talking points include:

6 factors to successful websites:


  • Design
  • Authority / Trust & Social Proof
  • People do business with who the know, like and trust
  • Strategy / Funnel 



  • Is now a ranking factor



  • Structured correctly from the start





  • User experience across user devices



  • The control you have over your website assets


Connect With Justin:


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RFM129 – Everyone Needs a bit more Laughter

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Main talking points include:The power of laughter - how it energizes you as personWhat laughter yoga is and why you should consider it for yourselfPete's story and background in business (it's no joke!)A bit about PeteOne afternoon, at a summer festival with his family, Pete heard the joyous sound of laughter ringing out from the arboretum. Assuming they were missing the funniest comedian in the world, Pete instead stumbled on his first Laughter Yoga event. And it was at this point that Pete Cann ‘Business Man’ became the man we have today, Pete Cann ‘The Laughter Man’.From that first session, surrounded by people laughing unconditionally and without boundaries, Pete realised the joy that laughter could bring to a group of people. Returning from the festival, Pete began to investigate Laughter Yoga. The more he discovered, the more the idea of laughter as a health and wellness activity resonated with him.Pretty soon Pete was attending as many Laughter Yoga sessions as he could find. The problem was, there were not too many of them. So Pete Cann ‘Laughter Man’ was born and he made it his mission to bring the benefits of laughter to as many people as he could.In the same way he built his first business, Pete has used all of his innovative thinking to make himself a name in the Laughter Yoga world. Via the new phenomena of video calls, Pete Cann the Laughter Man has performed Laughter Yoga to rooms of people around the world. As his name gets bigger so do the rooms and so do the numbers of people attending.Pete has made it his mission in life to bring the health, happiness and wealth benefits of laughter to the whole wide world.Join our Facebook Group!