#028 – Selling and delivering websites – Justin Meadows

Ep. 28

In this episode, we meet Justin Meadows – founder of TunedWP. We discuss the process and methodology Justin uses to sell and deliver successful websites through his agency. 


Main talking points include:

6 factors to successful websites:


  • Design
  • Authority / Trust & Social Proof
  • People do business with who the know, like and trust
  • Strategy / Funnel 



  • Is now a ranking factor



  • Structured correctly from the start





  • User experience across user devices



  • The control you have over your website assets


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RFM125 – How to use Google Ads to Boost your SEO services

Ep. 125
Main talking points include:Google Ads is one of the main streams of income for Google – and because of that it has a wealth of data within it that is super valuable for researching SEO even if you're not actually EVER going to run the ads themselves!Here's my 12 top tips on how to use Google Ads and it's data to boost SEO traffic...Tools in Google AdsIncluding Cost Per Click (CPC) data in your keyword researchFinding related and / or long-tail keywordsTraffic Estimator to assess competition levels –This lets you see estimated click, impression, and cost metrics for a given keyword. Your own Google Ads data is more accurate than any of Google’s tools, and in many ways this is similar to looking at volume and competition in the keyword tool, but these estimates can give you an idea of competition (higher costs are partly driven by advertisers competition) and relative volume.Placement Tool – a unique source for link propsecting – driven by adsenseOpportunities Tab – a good source for finding breadth in your strategyContextual Targeting Tool –The contextual targeting tool is also designed for the display network, but gives you ideas for groups of keywords to create for display campaigns. Since the tool is designed for the display network you want to proceed cautiously in analyzing the suggestions, but you can often come up with some good ideas for themes – either buckets of keywords to target on a single page or a collection of content to create.Practices – if you actually run some ads!Segments for search match types and device typesAd Copy – to test meta titels and descriptionsCTR on AdsCTR on keywordsRetargeting to organic prospectsSearch Query DataJoin our Facebook Group!