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Ravneet Gill: Pastry Chef, TV Presenter and Author

Season 13, Ep. 5
My guest today is Ravneet GillRavneet is fast becoming one of the best known pastry chefs of her generation.After completing a psychology degree, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu before working her way up the ranks in different pastry sections at some of the best restaurants in London - most notably, St. John, Llewelyn's, and Wild by Tart. Ravneet published her first cookbook - in April 2020 entitled 'The Pastry Chef's Guide: The Secret to successful baking every time' as a handbook to dispel the fear around baking. And since then it looks as though her feet have barely touched the ground. She joined both the Telegraph and Guardian Feast as their new baking columnist and starred as a judge on Channel 4’s Junior Bake Off alongside Liam Charles and host Harry Hill. A winner at the 2021 GQ Food & Drink Awards, this year she also launched The Damson Jelly Academy online cookery school In 2018 she set up an organisation called Countertalk; a platform designed to help connect chefs, provide education and promote healthy work environments in the hospitality industry. The countertalk platform has gone from strength to strength over the last few years through Ravneet's hard work. In addition to all of this, She has just brought out her second cookbook, Sugar, I Love You.Ravneet has said:‘Pastry is an art but it is also food so remember to stay in touch with your ingredients, reflect the seasons in your food and, for the love of God, don’t use strawberries in December.’---Thank you to our season sponsor Cooks Matches for helping us to bring the show to you each week. Head to their website for lots of recipes and foodie inspiration.

Daphne Oz: Chef, TV Host and New York Times Bestselling Author

Season 13, Ep. 4
 My guest today is Daphne Oz.Daphne is an Emmy Award-winning television host, New York Times best selling author, chef, and entrepreneur focused on the worlds of food, beauty, wellness, fashion and media.She also happens to be the mother of four children proving that you can have a very successful career and be a present mother.   Daphne is the eldest daughter of the one and only Doctor Oz – possibly the most famous Doctor in America. But Daphne is a veteran TV personality herself, she spent six seasons as co-host of hit TV series "The Chew," has been a judge on Junior Masterchef and now as one of the co hosts of the Dish on Oz (a weekly series on The Dr. Oz Show), Daphne brings the latest in food news, family-friendly recipes and expert cooking tricks. After university, Daphne received her chef's degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  When asked what cooking means to her, Daphne has said: New memories, freedom and fun. And “At the end of the day, I want to have fun in my kitchen, I want it to be my kingdom, and I want that for my readers.”Hope you enjoy!Thank you for listening. If you have been enjoying listening and haven't yet left a review, then please do! It only takes a moment and really does make a big difference.--Thank you to our season sponsor Cooks Matches. Find them on Instagram @cooksmatches and head to their website to find out more.

Pierre Koffmann: One of the Greatest Chefs of All Time

Season 13, Ep. 1
Hello! We are back with a brand new season! I missed you all!My guest today is Pierre Koffman.Often described as one of the greatest chefs of all time. A living legend.He has been a chef for over 50 years. His list of achievements are basically too long to mention. Born in the South West of France in 1948 he didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a chef and yet he has become the “chef of chefs, the chef all other chefs look up to”.Combining a rustic gutsiness with haute cuisine, Pierre Koffmann knows how to combine tastes and flavours like no one else. He cooks the kind of food he likes to eat; the food of the French countryside and of his grandparent’s farmhouse kitchen in rural Gascony. He is one of only a handful of chefs to have achieved three Michelin stars. While Pierre is renowned for his cooking expertise, after mastering his skills in the kitchen for 50 years, he is also known for his mentoring and championing of new talent in the industry.  Pierre has famously said: "There is no secret, it’s all about working hard, using few but the right ingredients but enjoying food. You have to be in love with cooking, it is not just a job, it’s a passion, you must enjoy eating and oh you also need a bit of luck."Thank you to Japan Centre for sponsoring this episode. Definitely check out their website which you can find at and use the discount JAPAN10OFF--Thank you to our season sponsor Cooks Matches. Find them on Instagram @cooksmatches and head to their website to find out more.--Thank you for listening!If you don't already and you would like to, then do come and follow me on Instagram @desertislanddishesSee you next week!

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Chef, Writer and Broadcaster

Season 12, Ep. 11
Hello! We are back with another BONUS episode for you!My guest today is Surprise! We are back with another BONUS episode for you!My guest today is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Hugh is a chef, broadcaster, food writer and campaigner. The nation first got to know Hugh in 1997 with his TV show “A Cook on the Wild Side” in which he ate roadkill and all that the countryside’s hedgerows had to offer. And then a year later through his River Cottage series and books filmed at the river cottage estate on the Devon / Dorset border. In fact he’s now done more than 20 cookery shows and he’s also tackled powerful issues in his documentaries like obesity, the illegal wildlife trade, fishing and the war on plastic. He has an uncompromising commitment to seasonal and ethically produced food and his concern for the environment has inspired a vast and loyal fanbase. You may even have whipped up something delicious based on one of his recipe books as he is a multi award winning writer and the Author of numerous best selling cookbooks committed to seasonal and ethical food--Thank you to our sponsor Cooks Matches. Find them on Instagram @cooksmatches and head to their website to find out more.--Thank you for listening!If you don't already and you would like to, then do come and follow me on Instagram @desertislanddishesYou can sign up for the newsletter and find a whole host of different recipes at