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  • 14. A Blinding Veil Is Being Removed From Judeo-Christians

    As genocide is invoked in their name, Judeo-Christians are making a clean break from Yahweh the desert war god and its death cult. What began as a brief comment from Israeli PM Netanyahu regarding a link between a Torah character named Amalek and the ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians has ignited a firestorm of theological controversy. In today's episode we explain the far-reaching consequences. Netanyahu/Amalek: The Very First Bible: 'Whose God?' series illustrates the difference between Yahweh and our Christian God: Marcionite Christian Church: Bishop Eusebius: Marcionite Church Urges Prayers For Baptized Palestinian Christians: All Pre-Nicene Perspective episodes: Prayer for the Deceived:Our Father, revealed to us only through your son Jesus Christ, into your hands alone I commend my spirit.In my innocence I trusted, and the enemy of all mankind took advantage, leading me astray. Truly penitent, I now pray for your forgiveness.I now renounce and rebuke all that is not of Christ and ask you to send your Holy Spirit for guidance and spiritual discernment.I pray your will be done. Amen.

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  • 12. Only ONE Church Knows Why Jesus Never Wrote A Single Letter

    It's a question that Christian churches and denominations of all stripes would rather you didn't think about, much less ask out loud. It's a question that theologians and biblical scholars have struggled to answer for millenia, and none with any success. How is it that a man who thousands of books, billions of words and millions of letters have been written about could himself have not written down a single word or letter?The Gospel of The Lord: Christian Church: Christian Television: Inscription Bearing the Name of Jesus: Library Links to Marcionite Church: Did the Gospel of The Lord Come From?
  • 11. Yahweh Derangement Syndrome: Deconstructing The Devil's Greatest Trick

    Almost 2,000 years ago, Saint Marcion of Sinope and Pope Pius I stood inside a marble foyer in Rome and hurled invectives at each other - each castigating the other with charges of being a wild-eyed heretic. It was a showdown that would forever change the course of Christianity and continues to impact people to this day.Show notes and links: (Morning mass)Q&A:How do we recognize the difference between 'Yahweh' and God as revealed to us only through Christ? did Marcion compile the first Christian bible in 144 A.D.? else do we know about the origins of the Gospel of The Lord written by the apostle Paul? resources:Pre-Nicene Christianity Free Bookstore us on Twitter:
  • 10. 'Judeo-Christian?' How a weaponized marketing slogan destroyed Western Christianity

    Sometimes an infestation of parasites is so thorough and overwhelming that the host doesn't even get to keep its original name. In Part 1 of today's episode we explore the recent creation and destructive history of the word 'Judeo-Christian' and the Messianic Jew who sold it around the world.Joseph Wolff Problem With the ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition’ Christian Church Very First Bible Myth of ‘Judeo-Christianity,’ Explained Christian Ecclesia/PCTV
  • 10. Behold: The Pre-Nicene Prologues to Apostle Paul's Epistles

    Hiding in plain sight: In today's episode we take a closer look at the prologues preceding each of the original ten epistles of the apostle Paul and explore the effect of removing them from today's Judeo-Christian bibles. In removing and perverting context does it have the effect of aiding a larger deception?Links mentioned during the episode:The journey and adventure behind the epistle prologues: ten epistles (with prologues): and the Vatican Library: 2:7 (Judeo-Christian version): Christian Ecclesia on YouTube: PCTV to Roku: Explorer App: Christian Church:
  • 8. Conjuring Yahweh: Ezekiel, Sorcery & Psychedelics

    What actually inspired Torah prophecies that were later stapled onto the Christian bible - what was the source of these visions that these Yahweh prophets were having? The answer may be surprising and leave you very concerned.Notes: NYT By:Pre-Nicene Christian Television
  • 8. Marcion of Sinope: From Swashbuckler To Saint

    They say that good things take time - and great things take even longer. And such has been the case with the canonization of one of the most important and transformative figures in Pre-Nicene Christian history. Within theological circles, he's known as the real-life Indiana Jones and after almost 2,000 years he's now known as a saint. In today's episode we explore the life of Marcion of Sinope (85-160 A.D.).Marcion Expedition Map: Library Documents Relating to Marcion of Sinope: Marcion Official Page: Very First Bible of 144 A.D. Perspective on Youtube: Bookstore (free): Bible Network: