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Season 1, Ep. 26

You hear me speak a lot of Manifesting your life on purpose. This is something that will not happen if you are in a toxic or violent relationship. Being in a situation like this will not allow your magic to flow. Staying in situations like this is dangerous. But, there is help and support out there. At Betty Griffin Center they have the resources, services and support you, a loved one or friend may need.

When I began Hopefull Handbags, USA in the US, Now known as Hopefull Handbags, USA my eyes were opened to what a HUGE problem Domestic Violence is.

It is very dear to me to help as much as I can to spread the word that there is Hope and there is Help.

There is support out there, there are safe places you can go and support to guide you every step of the way.

Please listen in as we speak about Hope, Situations, Services, and Support with Cathlene Miner, Nicole Pece, Tabby Dingler and Kaitlin Rady.

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If you're being abused or have been abused, please call the Betty Griffin Center 24-hour crisis hotline at (904) 824-1555 or TDD users dial 711.

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