Manic Street Speakers


7: Dorian Lynskey On The Politics Of MSP

Journalist and Broadcaster Dorian Lynskey joins us for an in-deph chat about the politics behind Manic Street Preachers. From the Miners' strike through to Cuba and beyond. He also picks his favourite political songs from the band. Locust Valley is the B-side up for scrutiny this week. In other news, Michael is potentially suffering from an illness that is quite popular at the moment and Emma might be an asshole. Links: James Dean Bradfield ) Absolute Radio session) - / NPO RADIO 2 - Simone's Songlines interview with James - / Death In The Afternoon Podcast - / Ask A Mortician - / Dream Nails Bandcamp -


Motorcycle Emptiness (Sonic Stealth Orchestra Mix) / JDB - From Despair To Where (Absolute Radio Session) / JDB - Verses Echo, With Tear Flow / Locust Valley / Europa Geht Durch Mich / Found That Soul / Dream Nails - Payback / The Vorticists

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