Manic Street Speakers


5: Plantation Boy

The new James Dean Bradfield album hype continues apace as we take a look into his new single The Boy From The Plantation. We also share your Past, Present, Future tour memories and Dead Passive is the B-side we gaze lovingly at in a shallow way. Our new feature Culture Sluts is a celebration of the arts / entertainment world because it really needs some support right now. Contact us at our new email address or on Twitter @msp_pod


Motorcycle Emptiness (Sonic Stealth Orchestra Mix) / You Love Us / Dead Passive / James Dean Bradfield - The Boy From The Plantation / Boney M - Plantation Boy / Culture Beat - Mr. Vain / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Let's Generalize About Men / Bugeye - On And On / The Blinders - Something Wicked This Way Comes / The Vortices

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