Manic Street Speakers


4: Sleepless Souls

It's a busy one! There's our chat with music journalist Jimi Arundell about the Gold Against The Soul reissue. We also take a look at the Kieran Evans film Pieces Of Sleep, give our first impressions of the two new James Dean Bradfield songs AND this episode's B-side is Red Rubber. Contains rock n' roll that your kids probably won't love. / Many music music venues face closure in these tough times, if you feel you can help in any way please go to the Music Venue Trust to see what can be done. Thank you.


Motorcycle Emptiness (Sonic Stealth Orchestra Mix) / The Crystal Maze theme / Gold Against The Soul (House In The Woods Demo) / Roses In The Hospital (Impact Demo) / Sorrow 16 / Sleepflower / Life Becoming a Landslide (Live, Pieces Of Sleep) / Narration Excerpt (Pieces Of Sleep) / Red Rubber / James Dean Bradfield - There'll Come A War / James Dean Bradfield - Seeking The Room With The Three Windows / Idles - Exeter / The Vortices

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