Makkelijk Praten


S02E09 | WUR Special | Photosynthesis and genetic variations

Season 2, Ep. 9

Makkelijk Praten, maar dan in het Engels! Easy Talking!

Special times call for special episodes. This week's episode is dedicated to the 102nd birthday - or Dies Natalis even, but we can't make an episode in Latin - of Wageningen University & Research, which is on the 9th of march. Cheers.

In light of these events, WUR asked us to produce an episode in English, so that all students and researchers could enjoy our show. And of course we couldn't say no. Not because our English is THAT bad, but just because to us it would be a fun and exciting opportunity to expand our podcasting horizon. Fingers crossed, and forgive us our Dunglish. Or Steenkolen Engels. Stonecole English?

The theme of the Dies Natalis this year is "Illuminating science for transition" and when you say "illuminating" and "science" in one sentence, a bright mind might even start to think about photosynthesis. Luckily, our guest this episode is quite brightly minded. Jeremy Harbinson is a researcher in the field of photosynthesis and knows almost everything there is to know about this subject. Even better: he's quite the experienced lecturer, so all the Easy Talking Adriaan en Sander lack - being non-native English speakers and all - will be more than compensated by our guest :).

Enjoy! And if you are a WUR student or employee, happy birthday!

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