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Making Conversations is a podcast from silversmith Robyn Galway and ceramicist Jemma Millen - both practicing makers and graduates from the applied art department of Ulster University, who share a love of making and craft.

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  • Ulster University Degree Show 2019 - Making Conversations Podcast

    The first episode this series, we went on tour to the Annual Degree show at Ulster University (07 June - 15 June 2019) where we had the opportunity to speak to a few fresh graduates from the Silversmithing & Jewellery and Ceramics departments. ​Featured graduates in this conversation are: ​Rosie Elwood, Lisa Allan, Cara Mahon, David Samuel, Megan Clingman, Patricia McAuley and Thomas Horner.

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  • 1. Mairead McCormack - Series 01 Episode 01 - Making Conversations Podcast

    Textile Artist Mairead McCormack from Randalstown, County Antrim features in the first of five maker conversations in this first series of Making Conversations Podcast. Mairead speaks honestly about her journey into becoming a maker, discusses the processes and inspirations behind her work, opportunities she has recently undertaken and her aspirations for the future.
  • 2. Helen Hancock - Series 01 Episode 02 - Making Conversations Podcast

    Glass-blower Helen Hancock, who is based in Limivady, Northern Ireland, features in this second episode of five maker conversations in our first series of Making Conversations Podcast. Helen, who is also a doula and breastfeeding counsellor shares her unique making journey and discusses her radical making processes that open up conversations about natural feeding.
  • 3. Cameron & Breen - Series 01 Episode 03 - Making Conversations Podcast

    Contemporary Irish Goldsmiths; Martin Cameron and Laura Breen of Cameron & Breen - are based in Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and feature as our guests in this third episode of five maker conversations for our first series of Making Conversations Podcast.
  • 4. Nicola Gates - Series 01 Episode 04 - Making Conversations Podcast

    Designer & maker Nicola Gates of Olla Nua - who is based in North Belfast, Northern Ireland, specialises in woven textiles and features as our guest in this fourth episode from our first series of Making Conversations Podcast.
  • 5. Fiona Shannon - Series 01 Episode 05 - Making Conversations Podcast

    Designer and potter Fiona Shannon, who is based at Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart, features as our guest for the final episode of five maker conversations from Series 01. Fiona discusses her journey to ceramics and how she manages her business as well as speaking about the realities of being a maker.
  • 1. Zara Ceramics - Series 02 Episode 01 - Making Conversations Podcast

    Ceramicist Zara McLaughlin of Zara Ceramics is our guest for the first episode of this second series. Series two of Making Conversations Podcast has been funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Emergency Programme.