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Habits, Change & Difficult Conversations with Clemmie Telford

Season 2, Ep. 5

Our guest today is Clemmie Telford. From her blog 'Mother of All Lists', her podcast, 'But Why?' to her book of the same name and Instagram Clemmie facilitates frank, open, honest discussions, often around difficult subjects. 

Clemmie’s a mum of three and has been praised for showing women her vulnerability around the highs and lows of motherhood, the challenges of mental health and the positive impact of being sober.


We’re chatting with her today about habits, change and difficult conversations.

More about Clemmie Telford:

Instagram: @clemmie_telford

Buy her book, listen to her podcast & read her Mother of All Lists blog here

Join in with our conversations on Instagram... Hollie's @theyesmummum and Illy's @mixing.up.motherhood

Hollie's books:

Your Baby, Your Birth

Motherhood Your Way

Produced by Louise Daniels @louisedanielsofficial 

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