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Welcome Back!

I want to welcome you back to the Make Life Your Bitch podcast and share with you the expansion that is happening inside that Make Life Your Bitch brand, and what you can expect to hear as we move forward on the podcast.

There is a brand new Human Design Series coming, where women from all over the world will be sharing about the power of human design within your business, along with us continuing to have amazing women on the show sharing about their personal stories of how they are making life their bitch.

And of course.. I will be on and sharing my magic with you too!

I am so excited for this up-level and sharing about the power of launching your offers by harnessing the power in Human Design, so if you have not already make sure you go check out the Activate Masterclass Series where HD Expert Katie Carlson and I dive into Human Design for Business.

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If you are ready to dive into launching your next offer and utilizing the power of human design now, join us inside our brand new Freedom program here:

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  • 63. Your Beliefs Are Not Your Own, Until You Consciously Choose Them

    You look in the mirror and ask yourself, "how did I get here?" Life is not meant to be difficult, yet for some reason you believe that if you "work hard" it somehow makes you feel accomplished. But... what if it was easy?What if you could achieve the success you desire in life, without having to "struggle" through it.The beliefs you hold for where you are now and the excuses you tell yourself, are simply not your own. Your beliefs you hold were placed there by someone else's opinion and limits they hold.What if you could change that? The moment you make the decision to reprogram your beliefs is the moment it all changes. Your dream life is WAITING for you, it's up to you to decide that you want it.In this episode we talk about the difference between feelings and beliefs, and how you can take control back of your destiny by reprogramming the beliefs you hold.Connect with Brittany AlysiaWebsiteInstagramFacebook ProfileFacebook Business PageLearn more about the Make Life Your Bitch Mastermind here:
  • 62. Human Design: Reflectors with Jennifer Cramer Lewis

    Reflectors often get the short end of the stick because you only make up less than 1% of the population, but that's what truly makes you so unique.You have absolutely no defined centers, and what makes this so fascinating is that by harnessing the transits you can step into the power of the other types.You are here to experience life at a deep level, but in order to truly harness your power you must take time to rest.You act as a mirror for humanity and you offer a reflection of the collective energy. Making your offers and sales all about the other person is what will truly set you apart from others.This episode is a must listen for all as Jennifer shares the true magic of the Reflector, along with so many other nuggets for you to take away and implement immediately with your own design!Connect with Jennifer Cramer LewisAsk Jennifer a Question: Linktr.eeSecrets To Unlocking The Power Of Rare Reflector Awe EnergyNavigating Openness: Setting Enforceable Boundaries For Human Design ReflectorsFind Jennifer on SocialsFacebookInstagramConnect with Brittany AlysiaWebsiteInstagramFacebook ProfileFacebook Business PageLearn more about Freedom here:
  • 61. Human Design: Projectors with Krystal Thompson

    Projectors are the birds sitting on the wire, watching all from above. You are the ones who can see the big picture in life and business. With this innate power of being able to seeing the big picture, you are truly here to guide the energy of the collective. Your power lies in your wisdom and sharing what you see... the problem though is that you have to wait for the innovation otherwise no one will listen to what you have to say. The secret is to become the invitation, and you can only do this by staying in your own lane and focusing on what you love. When you show up as an embodiment of your work with excitement, you will soon be seen and recognized for your magic.In this episode, Krystal Thompson shares how projectors can make the most of their design, while helping them see how they can show up and crush it in their life and business.Connect with Krystal ThompsonWebsiteFacebookConnect with Brittany AlysiaWebsiteInstagramFacebook ProfileFacebook Business PageLearn more about Freedom here:
  • 60. Human Design: Manifesting Generators with Stacy Gissal

    As a Manifesting Generator you are a mover and a shaker!! You are flooded with ideas, you move fast and it's important that you focus on inviting only those who are ready to join you on this wild ride. When you are in alignment you prioritize joy above all else, and you hold yourself to a high energetic standard. You are not meant to have one specific program or niche, you are full of ideas and you truly can talk about it all, but the secret... is to have a clear aligned buyer. ;)You are the type who is truly meant to collapse time, but this will only happen when you are in true alignment with your design. Join me and Stacy Gissal in the Manifesting Generator episode, where you will learn all about how to create true alignment and begin quantum leaping your success.Connect with Stacy GissalWebsiteFacebookHuman Design Workbook: Free Promo Code MLYBPODCASTContact StacyConnect with Brittany AlysiaWebsiteInstagramFacebook ProfileFacebook Business PageLearn more about Freedom here:
  • 59. Human Design: Manifestors with Alyssa Knapp

    Here come the fire starters of humanity!! The Manifestor is here to push boundaries and to be true innovators.It's very important that you put your ideas into action as quick as possible. The faster you act on your intuition and hunches, the more magnetic you become.Like all the designs, you aren't meant to be liked by everyone. You are a natural born leader and your drive to move the collective forward is sure to ruffle a few feathers.You are here to be bold and shift new paradigms.. but the secret to have more people join you on this journey, is to inform them of the moves you will be making. Don't get cute and think you need to be a storyteller... be direct and own your authentic power!In this episode Alyssa and I dive into the beauty of Manifestors and how to make powerful moves without permission.Connect with Alyssa KnappWebsiteInstagramTop 5 Spiritual Tools for a Successful Business free info guide Activate Your Inner Healer Online Course to Begin and Strengthen your Personal Spiritual PracticeConnect with Brittany AlysiaWebsiteInstagramFacebook ProfileFacebook Business PageLearn more about Freedom here:
  • 58. Human Design: Generators with Stephanie McCurdy

    The Generator is unique because you have a defined sacral which is your own internal battery pack. When you are doing that things you love and focusing your energy on the things that light you up, this battery pack will recharge itself.You have an aura that is magnetic and draws people in. When you are in your element the collective rises with you.You are ultimately the alchemist of humanity, and the life force of the planet!In this episode Stephanie McCurdy and I, will deep dive into the magic of Generators, how to become aligned within your design and how to harness your personal power.Connect with Stephanie McCurdyWebsiteFacebookInstagramFree MasterclassesFree 3-Day Activation ChallengeConnect with Brittany AlysiaWebsiteInstagramFacebook ProfileFacebook Business PageLearn more about Freedom here:
  • 56. Human Design: The Flow of Your Chart with Katie Carlson

    Ready for a sneak-peek inside the Human Design series?I can't hold back my excitement anymore!Katie Carlson is my secret weapon who will be doing YOUR reading inside the Wealthy Rebel program, and I am freaking out about it. In this episode you will meet the beautiful soul Katie Carlson, where she talks about the flow of your human design chart. She is the queen of human design for business owners and you definitely don't want to miss this one!!Links Mentioned in Episode:If you are ready to jump in to Wealthy Rebel you can join here: a quick chat first to see if it's right for you? Click here: with Katie Carlson:Linktr.eeFacebookInstagram
  • 57. 5-Figure Launch Masterclass

    In this episode I share with you the masterclass hosted inside the Make Life Your Bitch Lounge Facebook Group. We talk about the SALES method, and how to reverse engineer your launch strategy to bringing in more clients into your business. This is about helping you create alignment in your business and in your offers, so that you can walk your audience from stranger to sale. Links mentioned in episode:Wealthy Rebel: Launch Call: