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The Planetary Nodes & Sustained Inner-light with Mark Jones

Ep. 102

On episode 102, Sabrina Monarch interviews psychotherapist and astrologer Mark Jones about his new book, The Planetary Nodes and Collective Evolution. They especially dive into Neptune's nodal placements - south node in Aquarius and north node in Leo, and discuss the personal quality of a sustained inner-light. Mentioned: Transformational Mentoring: a Psychosynthesis Coaching Training

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Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight

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Spiritual Discernment with Sol W Jonassen

Ep. 178
On episode 178, Sabrina and Sol discuss spiritual discernment. One of the main ways we explored spiritual discernment was through cultivating psychological self-awareness. When we are in a space of channeling or picking up information from the field, it is going through the filter of our own consciousness, so naturally understanding our own biases or agendas and developing the skill of putting those things to the side will help clarify our vision.We discuss this and more, such as knowing our limitations, checking ego-inflation, and even slowing down time.Sol was last on episode 88 to discuss the Pluto in Libra placement and generation.Sol With Jonassen is an evolutionary astrologer who has been practicing professionally since 1999 and during that time has spent a lot of time researching the asteroids, delving into Chiron and focused her lens in on the particular capacity astrology is as a healing tool to gain better health, stronger self-awareness and reinstate a spiritual connection.Her work ranges from lecturing, teaching, seeing clients and researching astrology. She has hosted several astrology conferences in Oslo and has been working with both OPA and ISAR for many years. She has also been a teacher at several schools and continues to have a group of students that she mentors online. She has lectured at Norwac, UAC, River of Stars, IVC, Astrology Rising and several other international conferences. She currently writes astrology for one of Norway’s biggest magazines, KK.You can find her through or on Youtube for her podcast Solside Up: For other requests her mail is sol@sol-with.comSabrina Monarch's links:✨🎓✨ Learn more about the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive:✨🔮✨ Visit my website and read written versions of the weekly forecasts:✨💌✨ Sign up for my mailing list: @sabrinamonarchTwitter: @Sabrina_monarchMusic by Danny Lampton ofThe Light & The Weightcommissioned for Magic of the Spheres Podcast.Audio edited by Shishkin Productions