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Growing Apart or Expanding? A Spiritual Vision of Love & Codependency with Loren O. Delaney

Ep. 158

Sabrina and Loren discuss codependency from a spiritual perspective, as well as a social perspective - why we would engage in the contract of mutual limitation from that social perspective — and then more spiritually, navigating how merging with the other is to have a divine experience… how it becomes tempting to see the other as the source & lose touch with the source and the source within and then as a result, lose our balance.

Loren O. Delaney is an energy medicine healer, astrologist, artist, and education consultant. Her authenticity is wholeness and illuminates the fullness of creation. She is initiated by the ancient rites of the Munay-Ki, that comes from the medicine people of the Andes, and allows for their open-hearted loving compassion, which has been necessary in their extensive equity, inclusion, and diversity practice and organizing, embodied teaching and learning, and energy medicine cosmic counseling work. Loren’s love, surrender, and deep reverence for Pachamama, Mother Earth, that inspires her passion and vision for a new Earth and a new collective dream, establishes Loren as one of the most profound thinkers and transporters of nascent higher consciousness for her generation. 

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Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight commissioned for Magic of the Spheres Podcast.

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