Magic of the Spheres Podcast


Courting the Muses & Creative Embodiment with Katy Avila

Ep. 185

Sabrina Monarch and Katy Avila discuss creativity and courting the muses, and creativity's relationship with embodiment.

Katy Avila is a musician, writer, artist and embodiment guide. Whether she is playing bass and singing in her band KATZROAR, facilitating transformative embodiment, or writing poetry, she lives a life in service to full expression. In one-on-one mentorships and group containers, she supports people in expressing their emotions, releasing stuck energy and traumas from the body, so that they may open to their authentic expression, feel the creative pulse of the universe moving through them, and allow it to create their lives. 

Her upcoming program, MUSE, is a 3-month journey of creative embodiment, transformative self-expression practices, exploring life as art, and becoming your own muse.

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Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight commissioned for Magic of the Spheres Podcast.

Audio edited by Shishkin Productions

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