Magic of the Spheres Podcast


Uranian Astrology with Mychal A. Bryan

Ep. 84

On episode 84, Sabrina interviews astrologer Mychal A. Bryan about Uranian Astrology.

Mychal A. Bryan is an Astrologer, counseling hypnotherapist, and broadcast journalist with a history as a radio host based in Nassau, Bahamas. He has studied Astrology, Divination, & the Western Esoteric Tradition since 2005. From his childhood, his life has been spent becoming an Astrologer and a modern mystic. He combines these eclectic traditions into his concrete astrological counselling and hypnotherapy practice. He speaks Spanish, studied French in University, and is currently studying German.

Mychal is the founder of The Oraculos Podcast where he interviews Astrologers, Mystics, and spiritual leaders from all around the world on how they are contributing to the spiritual landscape that enriches all of our lives.


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