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Lifestyle Entrepreneurship and Gratitude Practices with Bokhara Lashi

Ep. 8

On episode 8:

Bokhara is a business owner in the Bay Area. I have had profound breakthroughs through conversations with her and so I wanted to have a conversation with her on the show! I wanted to ask her about the term “lifestyle entrepreneur” that I learned from her, the concept of designing your business or your work in the world to compliment a lifestyle you’d like to have. We also ended up talking about how powerful having a gratitude practice can be, and how to practice gratitude while still sitting with hardship - so no spiritual bypassing here! ;) Bokhara's perspectives about life are thorough, balanced, and refined, and whenever I talk to her I get the impression that there is no difficulty in life that I couldn’t address meaningfully. We talked a little bit about how the people we spend time with influence us — and I’m sure you’ll feel the influence from this grounded, intelligent soul.

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