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74. The Main Branch & the Magic of Algorithms with Michael Armstrong

Ep. 74

Sabrina Monarch interviews Michael Armstrong, host of the Deep Shift podcast, about his spontaneous awakening experience. Sabrina and Michael discuss intuition, living magically, and the magic of the algorithms and the ways they create connections.

Michael Armstrong is a spiritual influencer, entrepreneur and coach for Conscious Creators. He’s the host of the Deep Shift podcast. A show about the awakening of humanity’s infinite potential. Find him on TikTok @michaelarmstrong444 and Instagram @deepshift and Youtube.

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78. A Jupiter in Capricorn Retrospective with Jo Gleason

Ep. 78
Sabrina interviews Jo Gleason about Jupiter in Capricorn, in retrospect. They discuss the nature of this alignment and the philosophy/complications of “hard work”. Jo brings in some storytelling for this episode that really evokes the wintery, grave feeling of Jupiter in Capricorn as well as its offering, like the magic of choosing hope.Jo (she/hers) is an astrologer and writer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although her fascination with astrology dates back to her late teens, she began dedicated study after discovering the work of Project Hindsight in 2014. After several terms and certificates earned at Kepler College, Jo adjusted her focus to a primarily traditional approach, studying Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan and Planetary Magic with Austin Coppock. In 2016-18, Jo served as the Social Media Manager and program/flier designer for the State of the Art Astrology Conference. She joined the Association for Young Astrologers board in June 2016 as Social Media Manager, served as Vice President from June 2018 to July 2020, and now serves as interim President. Jo's astrology practice is rooted in traditional techniques intended to provide a sound vessel for the holding and channeling of spirit, story, and empowerment.IG: @justjogleasonTwitter: @justjogleasonJupiter and the Nodes in 2020: Pruning the Mind Garden by Jo GleasonJupiter in Capricorn – The Hard Work of Healing by Jo GleasonUPCOMING COURSES!Evolutionary Astrology Intensive METEORITE: An Astrological Embodiment AcceleratorIG: @sabrinamonarchTwitter: @Sabrina_monarchMusic by Danny Lampton ofThe Light & The Weight